Monolith finally gets a trade…from Image

For years, writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have been running a “Get MONOLITH A Trade!” campaign to get their 12-issue maxiseries from 2004 a collection. Although the book had a dedicated following—especially for fans of Phil Winslade’s amazing art—given that its sales were modest, that wasn’t the most likely outcome. However, on Facebook it’s revealed that rights have finally reverted and a collection is in the works from Image. Or rather—two collections, both in an oversized European hardcover album, like The Pro deluxe hardcover.

Art Director Ginter moves from Marvel to Disney

Marvel’s Junior Art Director Rich Ginter — the man responsible for many of their ad campaigns and advertising materials, such as this stylish Defenders campaign, is moving to Disney in California, Twitter tell us. There he’ll be a Digital Designer, where he’ll be “working on their comic/magazine apps & designing stuff for that and new apps.”

FATALE is also a hit

Yes yes, reprint pr is a dime a dozen, but from Image comes word that FATALE #1 the first issue of the Image book by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips is going back to press for a fifth printing. The first printing came out in January, so that’s a printing a month. Issue #4 is currently out, and issues #2 and #3 have also been reprinted. Does this just mean tiny print runs? Not enough preorders? Maybe. It could also mean that a very good book keeps finding new readers.

DC launches National Comics

If you’re a student of comics history the phrase “National Comics” conjures an image of Jack Liebowitz chomping on a cigar while urging teenaged creators to sign contracts…but if you’re not, it means a new edgy anthology from DC Comics which will launch in July and run “pilot stories” based on some of the DCU’s more “off beat” characters, like Kid Eternity, Madame X, and so on. First up, Eternity, above. Creative teams below: