Dandelion Seeds: Comic Shop Crawl

How far would you walk for a copy of your favorite comic? Would you do it with a group of friends? How about a road trip? People wander in pub crawls, sometimes in costume, so why not do it for comics instead of cheap beer?

2012 Hugo Award Nominations For "Graphic Story" Announced

The Hugo Awards have been cool with comics for longer than most non-comics-specific awards, so this is far from a new award. This year, Phil Foglio and Girl Genius are not on the ballot. Foglio has been the only winner in the category, sweeping it since the Graphic Story’s inception in 2009.

Comics Collections: Two graphic novels about sharks

What are the odds that TWO books about sharks from TWO indie cartoonists would come out in one year?

Coming Attractions: IDW: Sergio Aragonés' Groo the Wanderer: Artist's Edition [UPDATE!]

“IDW proudly presents SERGIO ARAGONÉS’ GROO THE WANDERER: ARTIST’S EDITION, collecting a classic four-part story in its entirety by the Mad, Manic, and Marvellous SERGIO ARAGONÉS!”

The light has died: RIP Thomas Kinkade

Famed kitsch painter Thomas Kinkade, who claimed to be the most collected artist in the world, has died at the sadly young age of 54. Like anyone who was rich and famous, he had a controversial side: gallery owners accused him of unfair business practices and he was known to like a tot or two.

March Top 100 Graphic Novels Initial Estimates

Here’s the drill: Diamond has released the top 100 graphic novels and relative rankings for the monthly comics for March 2012. Since Walking Dead is usually a fairly consistently selling title, I’m going to plug last month’s Walking Deadnumbers ( Comichron had January’sWalking Dead estimated at 32,361) into Diamond’s rankings. That should get us relatively close to the formal estimates that should be out soon. If Walking Dead had a good month, the numbers should be higher. If Walking Dead had a bad month, the numbers will be lower. History suggests this will be within +/- 5%, if not +/- 1%, praise to Great Kirkman.

Coming Attractions: Fall 2012: Macmillan!!

Oh, man… so much good stuff coming from Macmillan! And they’re not even known for publishing graphic novels! Scan this list, and tell us what makes you squeel with joy!