The Eisner Awards have another chance to get it right re "The Love Bunglers."

There is always some shock when the Eisner Award nominees for the year are announced. This thing got included, that thing was left off. It’s natural. In recent years the judges have seemingly gone the way of recognizing more things in more categories and spreading around the wealth then singling out a few books/creators for TITANIC-level encomiums. Even the PR for this year’s nominees praised the list’s diversity—and 26 different publishers were mentioned, 15 with one nomination each.

But as always, there was one omission that seemed to stun a lot of people, us included.

Studio Coffee Run 4/6/12: The Avengers is already selling out shows, Powers is re-shooting, a new Man of Steel logo is released, etc.

The Avengers is pulling an advance ticket sales sweep a la The Hunger Games. Deadline reports that AMC Theaters’ marathon showings of The Avengers along with showings of Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger are selling out all over the place. There’s also a new trailer […]

Indie Comics Month-to-Month: February 2012

Indie seems to be having something of a renaissance at the moment, with a lot of books selling out and going to second print. Walking Dead and Buffy top the chart once more this month, with the new Magic The Gathering and Conan titles taking the next two spots, Fatale holding strong and the new Star Wars book, Dawn of The Jedi, looks to be a genuine hit. Rob Kirkman’s new book Thief of Thieves and a new Stephen King adaptation also score high, with kids comic Adventure Time also launching very well.

134 indie books charted this month, 2 down on last month. The bottom book sold 4,270, over 1,500 up on last month. In total those books sold approximately 1,257,329, well up on last month’s 1,052,459 with fewer titles. Average sales are 9,389 per book, also up on last month’s 7,739. As usual, UK and European sales from Diamond UK are not reported in this chart.

This month IDW were the number three publisher, thanks to the first two issues of Magic the Gathering, with 6.66% dollar share and a 5.62 market share, followed by Image with 5.53% dollar share and 4.88% market share, Dark Horse with a 4.98% dollar share and a 4.06% market share, Dynamite with a 4.20% dollar share and a 3.82% market share and Boom with 1.61% dollar share and 1.40% market share. Everyone but Boom was up for the month.

Dynamite and Top Cow Team For Witchblade: Demon Reborn

By Todd Allen Roughly 9 years ago Mark Millar and Jae Lee teamed up for a crossover one-shot between Top Cow and Dynamite (or should I say, Dynamic Forces, back then) called Witchblade: Demon. Dynamite is releasing a sequel in July, titled Witchblade: Demon Reborn.  The follow-up is written by Ande Parks and illustrated by […]

The golden age of comics license apathy

Our feverish maunderings about old comics did draw one great link, from Jamie Coville, this interview with DJ Arneson, who was the editor for Dell after Western pulled its licenses and the company essentially started a comics company from scratch in 1962. It’s a fascinating look at the business away from Marvel and DC. And it also provides a glimpse into a long ago Shangri-La before…approvals: