Coming Attractions: IDW's David Mazzucchelli's Daredevil Born Again: Artist's Edition

Frank Milller! David Mazzucchelli! IDW! Artist’s Edition!

Darth Vader and Son—the trailer

Jeffrey Brown’s DARTH VADER AND SON is a book of gentle humor centering on the idea of Darth Vader as dad to a four year old Luke Skywalker. And amazingly, it is not only an officially licensed Lucasfilm product…but they even made a trailer for it with James Earl Jones reading a line or two.

2012 Eisner nominations are out, topped by Daredevil

This year’s nominees are up led by Marvel’s DAREDEVIL, with six noms, and Jim Henson/Ramon K. Perez’s TALE OF SAND with five. This year’s judges were reviewer Brigid Alverson (Graphic Novel Reporter, CBR, Robot 6) , retailer Calum Johnston (Strange Adventures, Halifax, Nova Scotia), librarian Jesse Karp (LREI, New York), cartoonist Larry Marder (Beanworld), comics historian Benjamin Saunders (University of Oregon), and Comic-Con board of director Mary Sturhann. They added two new categories while dropping four: