Coming Attractions: March 2012, Part Two

. Here are a selection of books due out this month. All of the information presented below [aside from my aside/snide comments] are from publisher or distributor websites. ALL information is subject to change, and something which might ship this month to a comics shop might show up months later in regular bookstores.  So, if […]

HOAX: Layman, IDW, and Topps team on Mars Attacks musical

Thrill to the “wish” song, “I Want to Kill Your Dog” and the tender romantic ballad “Nik nik nik nik!” as MARS ATTACKS, the gory card set from the ’60s, becomes what it always needed to be: a Broadway musical with a book by…John Layman! It’s based on the story of the MARS ATTACKS miniseries Layman wrote for IDW, MARS ATTACKS: 21st CENTURY SLAUGHTER, which is coming out this summer.

Wow. Can this plucky bunch of kids succeed where Bono, Edge, and Taymor failed? Or is this press release just misdated from Sunday, April 1st?

Peter Levin joins comiXology advisory board

ComiXology’s collection of media mavens continues with the addition of Peter Levin to the advisory board. Levin is the CEO of Nerdist Industries, and has worked with Nikki Finke and the Angry Birds in the past. Other advisory board members include ICv2 CEO Milton Griepp, former DC publisher Jenette Kahn, and former ZDNet head Jeff Ballowe. So as you can see, this advisory board doubtless has a lot of advice.

X-0 Manowar #1 Preview

You’re been hearing about the Valiant revival, but talk is cheap. Here’s the first 6 lettered and colored pages from X-0 Manowar #1. And at no extra charge, the cover!

Image Says "Second Printing" Is Nothing But "Under Ordered" Misspelled

Have you noticed there are an awful lot of Image titles getting second printings? And third printings? I just went to my mailbox and in the last 8 days here are the sellouts/multiple printing announcements I’ve gotten:

The New 52's Seven Month Adjustment: A Retailer Snapshot

Challengers Comics + Conversation, one of the better known shops in Chicago, has posted a look at how DC’s new 52 relaunch has done at their store. It isn’t a raw number count, it’s about the percentage change from launch (and just the first 4 weeks of sales — no 2nd/3rd/4th prints) to sales on issue #6 of each title. Effectively, this is a “who kept their readers” list. Two books managed to gain sales from the first issues sales, everything else dropped significantly, including 2 books that nobody who shops there would buy.

Beware the Batman leads new Cartoon Network lineup

Well, leads in terms of Beat readers interested, anyway. Beware the Batman is one of 7 new series announced as yesterday’s upfronts, and will feature Batman and a new-to-animation rogues gallery in what is billed as “cutting edge” CGI animation. Sam Register and Glenn Murakami are among the vets working on the show.

Dandelion Seeds: An Introduction and Explanation

“You’ve just won the MegaMillions lottery! What are you going to do with your winnings?”

Looks like there will be a second season for COMIC BOOK MEN

Are you looking forward to seeing the mancave that is Secret Stash evolve into a place full of well rounded human emotions? Well, that could happen.

Lamborghini Batman proves to be a real life hero

Last week, Silver Springs, MD police made a fantastic collar when a routine pullover for a license plate violation revealed a Lamborghini driven by a man in a Batman suit. But was it THE Batman or just a pale imitation?

TCJ looks at MoCCA

Reporter Michael Dean’s long, investigative reports are one of the things we most miss about the old print Comics Journal, but he’s back with a look at MoCCA, both the festival and the museum:

Seth covers Lemony Snicket for Who Could That Be at This Hour?

Seth’s cover for the first volume of Lemony Snicket’s new series of books has been released, along with Snicket’s warning: “I suggest extreme caution … The distribution of this cover image should be on a need-to-know basis, limited to librarians, booksellers, readers, e-readers, educators, journalists, muck-rakers, bloggers, tweeters, men, women, and children.”

San Diego Comic-Con: Hoteloween is coming!

In a few hours, reservations for hotel rooms for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con are going to be available, kicking off the annual rite known as Hotel-o-ween. YOU never know what you’re going to get—it might be a trick, or it might be a treat.

Coming Attractions: March 2012: Part One [updated with intro]

I’ve already previewed Marvel and DC, so here are the other publishers, with titles MAYBE shipping this month!

Man of Action Studios gets even more active

The force behind Ben 10, Generator Rex, and now the Disney XD Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, Man of Action Studios is is getting even more projects out there, THR reports. MoA—aka Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle—has several new projects in the pipeline:

Exclusives Aren't Just For DC and Marvel Anymore — Cary Nord Exclusive to Valiant

Word on the street was that DC and Marvel were starting to throttle back on the exclusive deals. The biggest names would still be exclusive, but as deals were expiring a lot of people you’d normally expect to be on an exclusive would be freeing up. And, of course, exclusive were more about not working at about DC and Marvel at the same same time than they were about being truly exclusive. Plenty of them had an out to do a creator-owned book at someplace like Image or Oni.