Coming Attractions: March 2012, Part Two

. Here are a selection of books due out this month. All of the information presented below [aside from my aside/snide comments] are from publisher or distributor websites. ALL information is subject to change, and something which might ship this month to a comics shop might show up months later in regular bookstores.  So, if […]

HOAX: Layman, IDW, and Topps team on Mars Attacks musical

Thrill to the “wish” song, “I Want to Kill Your Dog” and the tender romantic ballad “Nik nik nik nik!” as MARS ATTACKS, the gory card set from the ’60s, becomes what it always needed to be: a Broadway musical with a book by…John Layman! It’s based on the story of the MARS ATTACKS miniseries Layman wrote for IDW, MARS ATTACKS: 21st CENTURY SLAUGHTER, which is coming out this summer.

Wow. Can this plucky bunch of kids succeed where Bono, Edge, and Taymor failed? Or is this press release just misdated from Sunday, April 1st?

Peter Levin joins comiXology advisory board

ComiXology’s collection of media mavens continues with the addition of Peter Levin to the advisory board. Levin is the CEO of Nerdist Industries, and has worked with Nikki Finke and the Angry Birds in the past. Other advisory board members include ICv2 CEO Milton Griepp, former DC publisher Jenette Kahn, and former ZDNet head Jeff Ballowe. So as you can see, this advisory board doubtless has a lot of advice.