Coming Attractions: March 2012: Part One [updated with intro]

I’ve already previewed Marvel and DC, so here are the other publishers, with titles MAYBE shipping this month!

Man of Action Studios gets even more active

The force behind Ben 10, Generator Rex, and now the Disney XD Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, Man of Action Studios is is getting even more projects out there, THR reports. MoA—aka Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle—has several new projects in the pipeline:

Exclusives Aren't Just For DC and Marvel Anymore — Cary Nord Exclusive to Valiant

Word on the street was that DC and Marvel were starting to throttle back on the exclusive deals. The biggest names would still be exclusive, but as deals were expiring a lot of people you’d normally expect to be on an exclusive would be freeing up. And, of course, exclusive were more about not working at about DC and Marvel at the same same time than they were about being truly exclusive. Plenty of them had an out to do a creator-owned book at someplace like Image or Oni.

The mysterious giant Charles Addams mural of Penn State

Actually they are not so mysterious; they are just cool. John Shableski shares this photo he took while touring the Penn State campus.

Everyone is talking about: The Blonde Woman by Aidan Koch

If you haven’t checked out the Study Group webcomic site, you are missing some great stuff, which we hope to be spotlighting in more depth very soonish, but for now, here’s The Blonde Woman – Part 1 – by Aidan Koch, an abstract, mysterious opus that many art comics readers have been buzzing about.

Dan DiDio: The Crisis Years

To mark the first ten years of his stint as Executive Editor at DC, Dan DiDio ran down the top ten highlights of his years there on his Facebook page. It’s an interesting list that tells you everything you need to know about the last decade in superhero comics publishing.

Incredibly violent Captain America Lego video

Of all the Lego videos, this is by far the most violent and nihilistic we’ve seen…and perhaps the greatest, next to this one. It features Captain America. And the Wilhelm scream.