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Reprints in Review: The Lurid World of Pre-Code Crime [Column]

by Casey Burchby

How dangerous or offensive were pre-code crime comics – really? Most of us probably agree that the anti-comics hysteria of the early 1950s was ludicrously overblown, and can probably also think of a few current issues that are similarly hyper-inflated by reactionary gasbags. Dr. Fredric Wertham’s claims (enshrined in his ridiculously titled pseudoscientific 1954 screed Seduction of the Innocent) about the ill effects of comic books on easily-corruptible young minds probably said more about Wertham’s Germanic way of seeing the rest of humanity than they did about observable reality. But how do these Golden Age crime comics look to contemporary readers? A couple of new releases collect some of the best pre-code crime comics and prove that they still pack a wallop, both in terms of their swift, punchy visual storytelling, and in their ability to deliver real shocks.

SPIDER-MEN teases team-up

When this Spider-Men teaser campaign began from Marvel, everyone was all, What can it be? Now it’s looking like a Spider-Man/Ultimate Spider-Man x-over.

There are worse things in the world.

2012 Doug Wright Award nominees announced

The Doug Wright Awards, which recognize English language Canadian comics creators in three categories, have just announced the 2012 finalists. Expected names like Chester Brown and Kate Beaton are mixed with newer folks like Ethan Rilly and Connor Willumsen. There’s not a title on this list that isn’t worthy of reading.

Live action MARSUPILAMI movie headed straight for you

André Franquin’s Marsupilami is a very popular character in the Franco-Comics belt. Marsu is a funny cat monkey with a long tail who lives in the jungle. Cat monkey. Sold. He’s also known for his funny cry of “Houba!” which is what cat monkeys say instead of “Wooah!”

Nice art: Kyle Baker's Green Lantern

Some old art on Kyle Baker’s hard drive, probably for licensing.

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 3/27/12: the secret of comics is The Gag Master

Lots of links to art and stuff which is cool. I think.

Akira creator Otomo working on a new series

After a 20-year break from making longform manga, Katsuhiro Otomo is starting a new longform manga.

To do, New York: CRIME STOPPERS CLUB with Kate Beaton & Michael Kupperman

This is the last one before Beaton moves back to Canada. Guests are DAVE HILL, VICTOR VARNADO, DOMITILLE COLLARDEY, JIM TOROK, and COREY PANDOLPH.