Horrible production may have doomed Corto Maltese in the US yet again

When word got out last year that Rizzoli US was planning a new edition of CORTO MALTESE, hearts of Eurocomix fans soared. The signature work of comic grand master Hugo Pratt, the CORTO books are a colorful, romantic, languidly nostalgic series of grand adventures told with some of the greatest chiaroscuro art in comics. Although the CORTO MALTESE books have been sporadically available here in the US (in the past from both NBM Harvill Press), the usual translation from the French was thought to be pretty poor, and the rights to put out a new edition seemed to be in total limbo.

Thus the news of a new edition from a respected art dealer with a new translation by a respected writer sounded like a dream come true.

But, instead, it’s been another huge mistake that just adds to the curse of CORTO in English.


Although best known for their biographical comics line, Bluewater publishes other titles, original and licensed. Here’s a new book based on Solder of Fortune magazine, full of rootin’ tootin’ manly action — the first series will be written by NY Times bestselling author Marc Shapiro with art by Steven Black:

Womanthology gets ongoing series

Well, here’s a cool idea. The WOMANTHOLOGY anthology which garnered a ton of money on Kickstarter and a ton of attention everywhere will be spun off into an ongoing comics series which will feature three-issue themed minis. The first theme is SPACE and contributors include Blair Butler, Fiona Staples, Jessica Hickman, Bonnie Burton, Ming Doyle, Stacie Ponder, and more. The book was announced at the Womanthology panel at WonderCon. Unlike the anthology, which was a benefit, contributors will be paid for their work. So, that’s all done and dusted then.

WonderCon's location in 2013 is still a big question mark

This year’s special Anaheim edition of WonderCon wrapped up as a success with larger than expected crowds, and generally strong sales. After a string of misfires, it was the best show in the SoCal market (aside from the big one, the San Diego Comic-Con) in quite some time.

However just where the 2013 edition of WonderCon will take place is still a “complete question mark” according to CCI’s David Glanzer. San Francisco’s Moscone Center cannot give them dates, and although the intention is to return to Northern California, obviously the show needs a home.