Ridley Scott's Prometheus Trailer Hits the 'Net.

The story circulating is that Ridley Scott started out looking to do a prequel to Aliens and the story turned into its own universe. Whatever the connection to Alien is or isn’t, the Prometheus trailer does have a bit of the claustrophobic Alien look and feel. Have a look.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It’s my mother’s 75th birthday!

Wondercon: New Captain Marvel and Xtreme X-Men Revealed

Rumors are getting confirmed at Wondercon’s Talk to the Hat panel. Captain Marvel and Xtreme X-Men are both back.

Wondercon Announcements: Avengers Academy / AVX

Being announced at Wondercon right now: what’s going on with Avengers Academy and the Avengers Vs. X-Men Event.

Rain over WonderCon

It’s a rare day in SoCal with high wind and rain lashing the area around WonderCon.

Which is not good, because apparently the Anaheim Convention Center leaks.

WonderCon goes south: is it permanent?

Well here we are in Anaheim, a battlefront very familiar to veterans of the Anime Expo, Wizard World Anaheim, and many other campaigns. But it’s a new setting for WonderCon veterans…and The Beat. You’ll recall that WonderCon is normally held in the Bay Area of Northern California. However, construction at the Moscone left the show dates up in the air and CCI organizers had no choice but to move it down to Anaheim.