New Hicks "Hunger Games" comic makes it all too personal

A while ago we alerted you to Faith Erin Hicks’ experimental HUNGER GAMES comics adaptation (PUBLISH THIS SOMONE PLEASE!!!!!!), but she just completed a new one about Hunger Games for And this time it’s very, very personal…and sobering.

The bigger picture on Marvel's new digital initiative

While Marvel’s corporate policies don’t allow for too much investment in their print business, they have been really ramping up the digital side of things. Why? Rob Salkowitz looks at the meta side of the new online comics line and AR experiments in terms of how it positions the company:

The Mayans Drive Dynamite To "The Prophecy" Cross-Over Event

By Todd Allen Marvel has AVX. DC has “Night of the Owls.”  IDW has Infestation 2. Image has Image United (hey, it could come out this year).  You’re wondering where Dynamite’s big cross-over event is.  Well, wonder no more. Dynamite’s taken all those Mayan 2012 apocalyptic stories you’ve been reading about on the Internet and become […]

Indies show strength in official February 2012 Diamond Sales Estimates

Over the weekend, I did a rough estimate of Diamond Top 100 sales chart. Good ‘ole Walking Dead turns out to have sold 32,361 in the “official” estimates vs. the 31,596 from January I used for the estimate. That +2.4%, which is just barely outside standard deviation, so it looks like the initial estimates were close again.

Matt Bors wins 2012 Herblock Prize

Congats to Matt Bors on becoming the first alt-comix type to win the2012 HERBLOCK PRIZE, and its $15,000 cash award.

Sales Analysis: Things are legit looking up

The official sales estimates are out and it turns out that February 2012 was a legit strong month for comics, and it wasn’t just those five Wednesdays, ICv2 writes. Turns out digital isn’t killing comics just yet.

Things to do: Comic New York: A Symposium

If you were around comics in New York in 2008, you know that that was the Year of the Symposium, with Post Bang, SPLAT, and probably something else that wasn’t named after a sound effect. Since that epic year, when comics were discussed and analyzed by panels of every type, there have been a few scattered symposia, but nothing that big. Until the announcement of Comic New York: A Symposium, to be held Saturday and Sunday March 24-25 at Columbia University.

Things to do: "Graphic Novel Realism" at NIU

If you happen to be near DeKalb, IL next week, you may enjoy this newPaul Karasik-curated comics art exhibition called Graphic Novel Realism: Backstage at the Comics which runs from Tuesday, March 20, through Friday, May 25, in the Altgeld Galleries at Northern Illinois Unversity.

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 3/13/12: Shall now ye don ye rage face?

Many, many things happened; many were blogged.