Vertigo Gets a Standalone Comics App

When DC launched their comics app, these many months ago, a lot of people wondered why there wasn’t a Vertigo app to go along with it. Well, wonder no more. Today Vertigo announced you can download a standalone Vertigo app from the App Store/iTunes. You can also get some 99-cent Sandman issues while you’re there.

2000AD's Dredd-full graphic novels for 2012

It’s 2000AD’s 35th birthday—which seems kind of young, as its brand is so ubiquitous in UK comics—and they will be releasing a bunch of GNs this year by the likes of Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, John Wagner, Pat Mills, and Ian Edginton, and artwork from Brian Bolland, Chris Weston, Steve Dillon, Dave Gibbons, and D’Israeli:

DC launches new website, urges fans to do what they already do naturally

As many have noted, DC rolled out its brand spanking new website yesterday, with a whole new look, new logo and new commenting system. Among the many improvements, new sections for major characters, and subsections for videos, live social media updating and the like. (What, no Pinterest?) The site seems to be the work of the West Coast branding/web team, and although useful and streamlined, it does match the corporate vibe of a lot of DC rollouts of late.

Hickman goes digital with THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS and TEST PATTERN

The other day it was announced that Jonathan Hickman was leaving FF in October, after a very successful run there. With his other Marvel work also winding down, there was mucho speculation about what this “architect” would be up to.

One thing is his new series (on sale today) THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS (with artist Nick Pitarra) which will be released digital day and date. To make ready, Hickman is also releasing TEST PATTERN, a digital anthology of his previous five collections, THE NIGHTLY NEWS, PAX ROMANA, TRANSHUMAN, A RED MASS FOR MARS, and THE RED WING, available exclusively via comiXology for $34.99. An affordable way to keep Hickman’s body of work readily available for those discovering his new book? Sounds like it.

A Summer of Valiant #3: Bloodshot


Benn Ray's Five Best Comics about serial killers

Atomic Books owner Benn Ray offers a mini comics list. And it doesn’t even include Rick Geary. Is this a true comics subgenre?

It is to laugh: Ward Sutton's rejected Family Circus comics

Mocking the comfy tropes of The Family Circus is a joke that never gets old. Or as Stephen Colbert put it last night, “We’re getting all relaxed and average.”

Comics are finally on time…happy now?

Over at iFanboy, Jim Mroczkowski points out that the battle between Good and Wednesday has been very clearly won by Wednesday, with both Marvel and DC sticking to schedules even if it means the artist rosters are in constant flux:

RIP: Robert B. Sherman

The man who wrote the words “Oh, you, pretty chitty bang bang, chitty chitty bang bang, I love you,” is dead.

Well, he wrote half of the words. Robert B. Sherman, (above, far right) one of the Sherman Brothers songwriting team (along with Richard, who is still alive) has died at age 86.

He also co-wrote “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” and “Bare Necessities,” and “Chim Chim Cheree,” and…”It’s a Small World After All.”