Undead Chris Hardwick announces The Nerdist Channel for YouTube

You know how everyone is talking about those new streaming channels on YouTube and elsewhere? Narrowcasting meets broadband. It’s all the rage. So are zombies. Thus a zombie Chris Hardwick (via Walking Dead makeup master Greg Nicotero) has announced the Nerdist Channel on YouTube which will feature news on comics, gaming and other nerd-friendly content. So far, you can expect Neil Patrick Harris, Rob Zombie, The Kids in the Hall, and the blog Awkward Family Photos as part of the programming mix.

Canceled Comics Cavalcade: March

Every month, Diamond publishes a list of comics for which previously solicited orders have been canceled. The reasons for the cancellations are varied. Sometimes it’s Diamond—orders too low; sometimes it’s the publishers—book is sold out or out of stock or just…canceled. And a lot of the time, the orders are canceled, but only to be re-solicited when a release is more feasible.

With that in mind, here’s this month’s list, with the codes in effect:

Kibbles 'n' Bits – 3/6/12: the Day Bugs Bunny Died A Horrible Death

While America has been been locked in a massive ideological battle over birth control and offensive radio show hosts of late, in Canada, they have even more powerful and shocking issueS that galvanize a nation to action. Namely, network Global TV was forced to apologize for failing to warn viewersthat an episode of Family Guy included a scene where Bugs Bunny died a grisly, lingering death.