The John Carter (of Mars) Fan Trailer That Outdoes the Studio

We’ve all heard the stories about how John Carter isn’t tracking well, leading up to the movie premiere. We’ve all shaken our heads at why they didn’t title it “John Carter of Mars” or “Warlord of Mars.” Well, there’s another group of fans that did something a bit more proactive than just shaking their heads. They took the available footage online and re-cut it into a new trailer. Dare I say, I better trailer. Anybody else like this one better?

It begins: On-sale date for Comic-Con badges revealed

The first email has gone out with the time for San Diego Comic-Con badge sales. Although the email urges everyone to keep it a little secret between themselves and Comic-Con, the on-sale is already being tweeted about and won’t stay secret long.

HOWEVER, if you do not have a Member ID forget it — you cannot buy a badge.


Although we rarely race to post those “sell out” pr’s from comics company, given the controversy over the issue, the sell out of the Kevin Keller issue of ARCHIE is worth reporting on, as is the company’s strong stance on sticking by the character.

Sex videos relying on geek market

Although we get all the PR, we haven’t been covering Vivid’s Axel Braun directed series of porn parodies of geek-beloved franchises because, well, it’s not really in our target demo. However a recent release backs up what we’ve been told by porn industry insiders for quite a while: these nerd-themed parodies are the only hot category in the original porn business as homemade sex tapes and VOD have changed the entire distribution model. As Braun told Die Screaming:


Now available for pre-order, a new book by Eddie Campbell. This time his subject is finances.

Indie Month-to-Month Sales January 2012

Walking Dead and Buffy top the chart again, but the debuts of Lord of the Jungle, Fatale and Danger Girl: Revolver push the Turtles down to sixth. Elsewhere there are two new Transformers ongoings, a few more new Image books, and the end of several titles.


136 indie books charted this month, 10 up on last month and again less Marvel or DC books charting this month. The bottom book sold 2,606, half of what it was 2 months ago. In total those books sold approximately 1,052,459 down from last month’s 1,067,927 with more titles. That’s the second month in a row that’. Average sales are 7,739 per book, well down from last month’s 8,475. As usual, UK and European sales from Diamond UK are not reported in this chart.


This month Image were again the number three publisher, with 5.48% dollar share and a 4.83 market share, followed by Dark Horse with 4.89% dollar share and 3.55% market share, IDW with a 4.35% dollar share and a 3.78% market share, Dynamite with a 3.46% dollar share and a 3.66% market share, Boom with 1.66% dollar share and 1.35% market share and Eaglemoss with 1.47% dollar and 0.30% market share. IDW, Dynamite & Boom are up for the month, everyone else is down.

Strong contender for top selling comic of the year: new Simone Lia

Simone Lia’s book of cute cat cartoons, FLUFFY, was one of the top sellers for Cape when it came out, and somehow, based on the title alone, we suspect this could top it:

Avengers Alliance only the first step for Disney

Disney’s Facebook-based AVENGERS ALLIANCE game is a new direction for them, Variety writes, as they are putting more effort into these lucrative, reliable social media game as opposed to the volatile console game market:

Ward Sutton remembers the Monkees and Davy Jones

Ward Sutton recalls an ’80s Monkees revival tour for SPIN with touching detail. Actually, this is an OLD Sutton cartoon.

Watch: 1987 MASTERS OF COMIC BOOK ART documentary now online

The entire 1987 documentary MASTERS OF COMIC BOOK ART is now on YouTube with Harlan Ellison interviewing Eisner, Kurtzman, Kirby, Ditko (!), Neal Adams, Wrightson, Moebius, Frank Miller, Sim and Spiegelman. It’s a little kludgy and old hairdos always are embarrassing but, whoa, Kirby and Ditko!


In case you haven’t noticed, Image Comics is gunning for the Big Two this year, in terms of creators and concepts and now, bang for your buck. Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch are releasing AMERICA’S GOT POWERS in April, and the first issue will be 38 pages for $2.99, which, they point out, is a lot more story than you get with a Marvel comic.

More Success in Comics!

The first post was so popular, here’s a sequel! More of Alan Gardner’s reports from the Success in Comics seminar.

Video: Jerry Moriarty's YouTube channel

Painter/educator Jerry Moriarty was a seminal figure for the early days of RAW magazine, and a collection of his “Jack Survives” strips came out from Buenaventura a few years ago. He’s just alerted us to his video channel on YouTube, which is mostly stories about his cat and videos of a family of pigeons…you know, sweet, everyday things that we should be reminded of more often. “I have only been at it for a month or two so it is not very professional and if I’m lucky it never will be,” he writes.

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 3/1/12

As usual, we fell behind but it’s time to start a BRAND NEW MONTH with all sorts of things to read; plus, something happening right now that is so unbelievable you will not believe it! And, where are the Jewish hotties?

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