Apple launches standalone comics section of iBookstore — UPDATE

You know how we always wondered what would be the iTunes of comics? It has turned out to be iTunes. Apple has just launched a separate comics/graphic novels section for its iBookstore. It’s a full feature sub-section includes an impressive Marvel bookstore, a “Comics Page” promotions for comic strip books, a Walking Dead section, and most impressively, separate promotions for CLEVELAND by Harvey Pekar and Joseph Remnant and Lela Lee’s FAIRY TALES FOR ANGRY LITTLE GIRLS.

Things to buy: Steve Ditko comics

Sparkplug has a complete selection. Ditko didn’t stop drawing when he left Spider-Man, you know!

Quote of the day, Image Expo division

Anonymous Image creator on the mood at the Image Expo. It was by all account a successful weekend if only as a pep rally, with hopes for the future and independence for creators. The crowds weren’t immense, except on Saturday, but they liked what they saw.

To do: Tom Gauld on tour

With his gorgeous GOLIATH out from D&Q, Tom Gauld is embarking on a two-continent tour. UK dates are above; here’s his US schedule.

To do, NYC: Crimestoppers with Kupperman, Beaton, Conover, Segal, Conover, Hastings, etc

Comedy and comics at the Lucca Lounge. FREE. More info

Another Grim'N'Gritty Earth 2 Preview From DC

By Todd Allen DC is being a big tease about Earth 2 again.  They’ve released Jim Lee’s design sketch for the Earth 2 Batman. They also have an interesting quote in: “Who will Batman kill to save his own daughter?” asks EARTH 2 editor Pat McCallum. “Right out of the gate that should tell you […]

Françoise Mouly launches Blown Covers blog

On the “authority” scale, the idea of New Yorker cover editor Françoise Mouly launching a blog about New Yorker covers and art would rank….very high. And so Blown Covers, which she describes as a personal blog. Although it’s unafiliated with the New Yorker, she’s holding weekly themed New Yorker cover contests and is “always on the lookout for good ideas and great artists.” So yeah, this is an audition.

Final Thoughts On Image Expo

There seemed to be some mixed thoughts going around about Image Expo and that seems to be best summed up by a conversation between a local retailer and a pro who’d been to a lot of shows in Oakland.

Daniel Johnston brings SPACE DUCKS to BOOM!

Is the world ready for a new graphic novel from outsider musician/artist Daniel Johnston?


Johnston, whose long career as a very eccentric musician was the subject of the 2006 documentary THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON, is also an avid comics reader, and this is his first GN. It comes complete with added soundtrack and app for the 360º experience. For those not familiar, Johnston is somewhere north of Wild Man Fischer and south of They Might be Giants and early Beck.

Newish from Edmondson and Klein: DANCER

From Image, another new series:

Adventure Time/Star Wars mash-up T-shirt

Has anything ever felt more natural?

Buy the T-shirt right here.

No trademark infringement going on. Buy with confidence.

Marvel teams with Fetch for pet geek garb

As cat people, we’re not really sold on on the whole “dress your pets” humiliation tool; however, for those who like to dress their doggie, Marvel and Fetch are introducing a line of Marvel-themed pet attire called cool pets!. The line of toys, apparel, and accessories will be available at your local PetSmart.

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: January 2012

By Paul O’Brien

Perhaps it’s a side effect of the decision to trim the line, but Marvel seem to have gone back to the days when each month had a small number of new launches that they could focus on properly. This month’s sole new title is SCARLET SPIDER, and the only major new miniseries is WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN: ALPHA & OMEGA. There’s also WOLVERINE #300, and the second issue of the AvX lead-in mini AVENGERS: X-SANCTION.

DC’s resurgence continued in January, as once again Marvel faced a fight to be the top publisher in the direct market. In terms of market share, it’s really too close to call; DC led in units, by 40% to 38%, while Marvel led in dollars, by 36% to 34%. On the other hand, DC swept the top ten with the fifth issues of their regular titles – some of which are selling in a different league from anything in Marvel’s range. It’s been a long time since AQUAMAN was outselling the entire Marvel line.

Thanks as always to for permission to use these figures.

Namco/Bandai launches webcomics portal: ShiftyLook

Okay, now it’s video games that are using comics to revive their dormant properties; only, fittingly, they’re using webcomics, because those are two great tastes that go great together. Clever. Namco/Bandai has launched ShiftyLook with SKY KID, by Jim Zub and Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, via UDON, and XEVIOUS by Mike Costa and Mike Norton via Cryptozoic Entertainment, with a third title imminent, as shown by a big empty spot on the website. Both are old ’80s console games long unseen.

Future comics? Valiant unveils first talking comic book cover

Well, looks like this Valiant relaunch is going to go places we’ve never gone before. The first issue of X-O Manowar will have a QR Voice Variant—”the world’s first QR code-augmented, talking comic book cover!” Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic supplies the art. On Wednesday, a preview poster will be shipped to local comic shops so you can preview the technology, which involves a QR code, a smart phone and a steady hand.

A week with Emily Flake

The great and hilarious Emily Flake is doing a cartoonist’s diary for TCJ, and the first episode includes much on the Freelancer’s Dilemma (pants or no pants) as well as scenes where the cartoonist works on New Yorker submissions at the laundromat while hoping a little girl will come throw her giraffe at her. Yes, it’s like that. BOOKMARK!