Images From Image Expo Day 3

It’s a very sleepy Sunday at the Image Expo. Retail hasn’t started big Sunday markdowns yet, but there’s one booth with 50% off or $5/tpb. On the other hand, there is a trickle of cosplay starting.

Liveblogging the CBLDF Panel – Image Expo

By Todd Allen Charles Brownstein is starting out with a history of comics censorship. Step 1: the Senate inquery sets up the Comics Code. Step 2: The underground comics emerge to talk about class, sexuality, politics and drugs.  (i.e., youth culture in the late 60s/early 70s) Zap #4 included “Joe Blow,” an incestuous satire of […]

Winning the Oscar® Pool: Your guide to the animated shorts

As we do every year, it’s time to take a look at the five Animated Shorts in this year’s Oscar race. Picking this obscure category is a key to winning your pool. Anyone can pick the best Movie or Actor (although this year Oscar may finally have reached parity in the Best Picture race as it’s almost anyone’s guess what will win.) But it’s those pesky, unknown short subject films that really separate the knowledgeable from the guessers.