Scenes From Image Expo Day Two

Day two and attendance is up a bit. I’m hearing a couple long time residents talking about how much larger the crowds at Wonder Con were, the last couple years it was in this venue. To me, it looks about right for the first year of a new show. the amount of space to move around on the floor is roughly what you’d be looking for at a business to business show (as opposed to consumer shows, where you pack them in like sardines). You could add maybe 20% before it started getting to be annoying trying to move around the floor.

The Walking Dead gets its Governor: David Morrissey

After a year of endless speculation—would it be Michael Rooker? Tom Savini? John Hawkes?—the role of The Walking Dead’s ultra-badguy The Governor has finally been cast : English thesp David Morrissey. As we say at Stately Beat Manor, when in doubt, go Brit. Morrissey is a BAFTA-winning actor who has starred in a number of UK productions such as Meadowlands, State of Play, and The Deal.