More Scenes From Image Expo

The Image Expo grown into a roughly the sort of Friday crowd I’m expect to see at a Chicago Show, relative to the size. Two or three big lines and milling about for everyone else. Yes, Friday is always the best day for mingling at a show. A few more photos:

First Look at the Image Expo

Image Expo is a go. Looks like a relatively quiet Friday at a regional con, so far. Which is to say it’s going to be better access for the fans. When I arrived about 45 minutes before opening there were maybe 50 people already in line waiting to get in. With the gates open, I’m seeing a steady trickle of people arriving. Not preview night at San Diego, by any stretch of the imagination, but the Chew booth got bull rushed by at 15-20 people as soon as the doors open. A couple pictures from before the opening bell:

Comics still wonderful in spite of it all

The industry has been asking itself some hard questions recently, and my tweets and email are full of people being depressed about things being so bad. As I always say, the comics industry can be horrid, but comics themselves are eternal. And you know what, when you get down to it the industry isn’t THAT bad either. There are some good eggs out there.

How Many Pages of a Digital Comic Get Read In One Sitting?

As you may recall, recent re-positioned their main product offering to be a little bit more like Smashwords is in the world of eBooks. The idea is to be a little more transparent on the branding, let the company market itself as a digital product (as opposed to the brand of the digital app/format) and then concentrate on getting the material on as many different platforms as possible. Amazon/Apple/Barnes & Noble, etc. One of the more interesting applications has been integrating the comics reader into Facebook, as shown here with Archie’s Facebook page.

Future Comics: "The First Word" makes good use of scrolling, models

by Serhend Sirkecioglu — Web comics have at least 3-4 formats, the reader (page-page), the slideshow (panel to panel), the vertical scroll and the horizontal scroll (which could be just be called the scroll and is panoptic). Personally I like the intuitive feel of the scroll over the reader; which feels more like post production 3D; and the slide show, which is just a slide show. I recently came across this comic called The First Word from Electric Sheep Comix which uses CGI models…in a way where I don’t cringe as much, but put the scroll to good use.