Batman: The Dark Knight Gets a New Writer

In the 4th “New 52” writer shuffle of the week, DC has announced Gregg Hurwitz as the new writer for Batman: The Dark Knight, as of issue #10. I suspect they really mean co-writer on that, as I’m under the impression artist David Finch, for whom the title was created pre-relaunch, has a pretty good amount of input on the plot.

Must reads: two views of Angoulême

The recently concluded Angoulême comics festival is the most respected comics event in the world, but also one a bit remote from the daily comics grind of the average American reader. Two con reports will bring you up to speed in a hurry. Before we link, one note: I wrote earlier that crowds were reported as smaller this year, but the overwhelming evidence is that the festival was packed, as usual, with official attendance given as 215,000.