Matthew Vaughn confirmed for X-Men: "Second Class"

A sequel to the well-received X-MEN: FIRST CLASS has been greenlit with Matthew Vaughn once again to direct, Deadline reports. Simon Kinberg has written a script and Bryan Singer will produce. Everyone expects Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy to reprise their roles as Magneto and Professor X, but no one has officially been signed yet. And given Fassbender’s recent roles, maybe we’ll get to see little Magneto, too.

More DC trades announced for fall—including AMETHYST PRINCESS OF GEMWORLD at long last

DC has released their non-New 52 collections list for September-November and it’s chock full of goodies, including, at long last, a Collected Amethyst of Gemworld, which, as Kevin Melrose reports, is something people have been asking for for a long time. We’re Amethyst fans from way back in the day (we even owned a piece of Ernie Colon original art form the series once, before it was destroyed in a fire. =( ) Blogger TangognaT has a longer run down of the series, an occidental take on shojo manga before anyone even knew what that was—and also a fairly typical example of the kind of books Karen Berger edited before she got to launch Vertigo. Lots more at TangognaT’s blog, where she has been keeping track of Amethyst stuff for several years.

Angoulême wrap-up: Jean-Claude Denis wins Grand Prix; Jim Woodring wins Special Jury Prize

Last week’s Angoulême festival extravaganza wrapped up with the presentation of the Grand Prix to Jean-Claude Denis, whose career goes back to the ’70s but is perhaps best known in France for Luc Leroi. The Grand Prix is presented for a lifetime body of work—Denis is perhaps less well-known than some other winners, at least in the US. He was presented with the award by last year’s winner, Art Spiegelman, as shown in the above video.

The $235K (And Counting) Kickstarter Comic

We have a new winner for largest Kickstarter-funded comic… and there’s still 22 days to go on the pledge drive. The “Order of the Stick Reprint Drive” is about a webcomic not acting like Marvel. That is to say, a few of the print collections of the Order of the Stick webcomic were out of print and creator Rich Burlew needed to get some cash up to afford the printing bill on some large full color books. $235K worth of pledges in a week? Yeah, I think it’s working.