Espionage, Not SpyFi: Reviewing The Activity #1

By Todd Allen There’s a sub-genre of espionage that’s come to be called “Spy-Fi.”  Spy-Fi is the blending of science fiction and spy stories.  It’s primarily a film and television thing, with the mild science fiction aspects of the Bond gadgets and eventually the Bond villains.  On the small screen it was evident in the […]

New Spider-Man stills

Via their Facebook page, the upcoming Spider-Man reboot movie posted some stills. Surely Jim Carrey is very excited now over this still of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, as well as Captain Stacy and Peter Parker in action.

Is it just us or has this Spidey reboot hype kind of gotten lost in the Batman/Avengers shuffle?

Kim Thompson on "The Graphic Novel Decade"

“I think a solid core of high-selling mainstream-y genre comics would be nice, but it really hasn’t happened (except for arguably the manga phenomenon, and I don’t get the impression that the success of manga has bled back into non-manga comics) and “art comics” have achieved enough big successes now (Persepolis in particular) that we […]

ADVENTURE TIME comic lands at KaBoom!

Given that creator Pendleton Ward is a huge comics reader and sometime cartoonist and that half the staff consists of folks you would normally see at Stumptown, AND that the cartoon itself is heavily influenced by generations of alt.comix (Ward says Trondheim’s Dungeon comics are a huge influence) ….it’s a surprise that up until now there hasn’t been an ADVENTURE TIME comic book based on the hugely popular Cartoon Network show.

But now BOOM!! is remedying that with a new ongoing monthly series written by Ryan North (DINOSAUR COMICS) with art by Shelli Paroline (ICE AGE: ICED IN and MUPPET SNOW WHITE.) It’s part of Boom’s KaBOOM! kid line.

Also of note: the book is coming out from BOOM! rather than DC, which, like the Cartoon Network, is owned by Warner Bros.

Your guide to the upcoming nerd TV show boom

With the growing ascendancy and popularity of the “nerd” archetype, especially as exemplified by the hugely popular THE BIG BANG THEORY, a bunch of television programs exploring and/or exploiting this personality type are on the drawing board. Some of them might be fun, but some of them are probably going to make nerd blood boil and dominate late night discussions at SF conventions for months to come. Herewith, a field guide.

For sale: LA's iconic Golden Apple comic shop

If you have $679,000.00 sitting around, you can buy Los Angeles’s The Golden Apple, one of America’s best known and longest running comics specialty stores. It’s for sale on eBay right this minute.

The sale price includes $300,000 in inventory in comics, games, toys and so on. You can make an offer.

Founded back in 1979 by Bill Liebowitz, one of the leading retailers in the rise of the direct market of the ’80s, The Golden Apple was a forward-facing store with a wide range of merchandise and a steady stream of events and signings – some of them historic. LA celebrity comics readers were regular customers over the years, and the store was frequently used as a film location when a comics shop was called for.

NEXUS is back in DHP this May

In an emailed newsletter, artist Steve Rude reports that his rough year is ending on an up note, and he’ll be re-teaming with writer Mike Baron for a new Nexus story starting in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #12 in May. The three installments of the story will then be collected into a standalone 30-page book. The story deals with the “nature of evil”.

Nexus, the spacefaring tale of a superhero who kills mass-murderers — has had a long run with multiple publishers since the early ’80s. Baron and Rude self-published an issue a few years ago but the series has been hit with delays since then.