Amazing infographic tells you everything about NYT best seller list

Comics Alliance has run this amazing infographic by Tim Leong, based on the year’s NY Times graphic novel bestsellers. This is a topic ripe for study since it has contained many many surprises — like appearances by DAVID B. on the list? Awesome sauce.

What is not a surprise is that WALKING DEAD and SCOTT PILGRIM have dominated the charts for most of 18 months. The future of comics is masterful, multi-volume media tie-ins that speak to contemporary life, it seems.

THE HOBBIT trailer is up, and slash fiction will never be the same

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY trailer is up. We need to watch it about 39 more times before we can really render judgement, but Empire has a nice breakdown, including this guide to the dwarves, and already some how they did it info.

The tone is pure LORD OF THE RINGS, none of this kid’s tale stuff. And obviously the story is going to borrow liberally from the appendices — Dol Gulder! Galadriel and Gandalf (The White Council!) The shards of Narsil!