Brad Bird Goes Live Action: A Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Review (and that Dark Knight Trailer, too)

I’ll confess I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from a Brad Bird-directed installment in the Mission: Impossible film franchise. Bird, as you probably know, comes from the world of animation. Most notably over at Pixar, where he was the writer/director for The Incredibles. Honestly, there wasn’t a lot to improve on in his live action debut.

Op-Ed: Pocket God's Dave Castelnuovo on the "Arkham Spring" of digital

by Dave Castelnuovo

Just like the Arab Spring that changed much of the Middle East, It seems like Arkham Spring is upon us and will soon change the comics industry. Tensions are finally coming to a head as the comic industry continues to transition to the digital era. Creators are starting to speak out more about their potential opportunities in digital and are questioning why the industry is holding onto old practices that are preventing their comic from being accepted by more people. A good example of this comes from writer and illustrator Brian Wood in his blog post “The Digital Question Mark”. In it I think he presents a solid case as to why this dance between publishers and retailers is screwing up opportunities to give his book the best possible chance of success. It doesn’t matter whether the industry will eventually get to cheaper digital content in the next couple years, his book will be canceled unless readers buy it today. He has a good plan for making this happen but politics are getting in the way.

Humphries and Perez on JOHN CARTER: THE GODS OF MARS

Fresh off his success with his self-published SACRIFICE — already sold out and a second printing on the way — Sam Humphries has a gig writing JOHN CARTER: THE GODS OF MARS for Marvel, an all-ages five-issue miniseries which is apparently based on the second Mars novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The art is by Ramon Perez, fresh off TALE OF SAND, his Jim Henson adaptation for Archaia. This is a team we can get behind! The cover is by Julian Totino Tedesco
“Gods of Mars is going to be a blast — tons of action and intrigue in a fantastic environment,” said Humphries. “From Landridge and Andrade to Edgar Rice Burroughs himself, there’s an impressive foundation of awesome John Carter stories to build on. Combined with Marvel having the most exciting comics going on right now, and most talented editors in the industry – I can’t wait to get myself to Mars.”

Breaking: Moonstone is still around

As the comics market has gotten a lot dicier In This Economy, a few smaller companies have become a bit harder to spot in the forest. Companies like Moonstone, the long-running pulp-themed publisher of such things as KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER, BUCKAROO BANZAI, and so on. In recent year they have been best known for putting out a bunch of pulp heroes now published by Dynamite, such as The Spider and so on. Things have been pretty quiet on the Moonstone front of late — publishing small indie comics periodicals seems like a supersonic journey to insolvency and industry scuttlebutt around Moonstone hasn’t been exactly robust.

But Moonstone is still around — here are their April releases, both collections and both Buckaroo Banzai-themed. Guess that cult film has found its afterlife in the comics, with the participation of auteur W.D. Richter a big bonus.

20 days of Christmas: The Yule Log

This is no comics content, but many folks have some of their fondest Christmas Eve and Christmas Day memories of staring at a film loop of a burning Yule Log on TV while seasonal tunes gently play in the background. Yes, the video Yule Log has burned its way into the hearts of America.

Happily, you can watch and listen to the Yule Log any time just by going to this link, which is new for 2011. Its also available in SD, HD and 3D via free Video On Demand (VOD), and also on many cable systems—check your systems free on demand listings to find it.