Nice art: Jason Pearson

If you’re wondering why Twitter and Facebook suddenly blew up with the name of artist Jason Pearson, he was having a low moment and the comics community has rallied on a Friday afternoon with helping words and deeds.

The creator of BODY BAGS, Pearson has done work on tons of comics over the years. His stylish art has an especial soft spot for drawing the ladies, as the Catwomen art shows.

And in case you are wondering, the comics community has a big, big heart. No matter how silly or stupid things get, I am always grateful to be a part of this world.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Alec Longstreth above to shave at long last

If you’ve seen cartoonist Alec Longstreth in recent years, you are probably wondering what religion he joined that prevented him from cutting his hair or shaving his beard for three years. It was the religion of comics: as explained in this interview, Longstreth vowed not to shave until his comic BASEWOOD was finished — which took three years.

During this time, Longstreth cut quite a figure — his beard was not just an earnest but under-achieving sprouting, but a full on man-garden at the height of summer.

And in about an hour, with the release party for his minicomic PHASE 7, Longstreth is finally about to go under the razor.

Haspiel donates minicomics to Library of Congress

Some people just talk about the dream — Dean Haspiel is living it. Not only is he a cartoonist with a following, the fashion-forward originator of a whole shirtless artist look and an Emmy-winner: now he’s managed to get rid of all his old junk donate his “massive hoard” of minicomics to the Library of Congress.

A few months ago it was announced that the Library of Congress is now starting an SPX collection which will assemble comics from SPX exhibitors but also items they donate. The LoC is wary of having tons of other people’s weird old crap dumped on them; however, the minicomics collection is just the kind of essential folk art that the LoC was created to preserve.

We were totally joking about this collection being a lot of junk above, BTW. Dean is a fanatical collector (like a lot of us) but he keeps his stuff NEAT. Ignatz coordinator Eden Miller writes more about the collection:

Gene Ha fills in on JUSTICE LEAGUE #7

Ever since the New 52’s flagship book — Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s JUSTICE LEAGUE — was announced people have been sniggeringly wondering when it would miss shipping because of Lee’s lateness. Well, haters, they just aren’t going to let that happen: Gene Ha has been announced for JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 — as excellent a fill-in artist as you could find.

Message: DC is serious about shipping on time.

Diamond: DC beats Marvel by smaller margin in November

Diamond has just released their November chart toppers, and DC led again by by a considerably smaller margin than the ass-whoopin’ they gave Marvel in October. DC led by 2 points in units and a mere single digit in dollars. JUSTICE LEAGUE, BATMAN, and ACTION led the periodicals, while Marvel had three books in the top 10. BATMAN: NOEL, a clever and much needed “Batman does Christmas Carol,” led the GNs.

Sales overall are up for 2011, mostly thanks to a big boost from periodicals. GNs are down 10% year to year; however, they were up 30% in November, due to, perhaps, a more attractive product mix.