Indie Month-to-Month Sales: October 2011

Buffy continues in the top spot, while a double-shipping Walking Dead takes second and third places. Turtles creeps back up to fourth, and Star Trek/ Legion of Superheroes gets off to a very promising start. Further down, Orchid benefits from a rock star contributor, Garth Ennis & John Byrne launch new titles and a remarkable success story finishes off the month.

This month everyone wants to know how DC’s New 52 has affected the sales of everyone else’s books. It’s a little too early to tell, the re-charting DC books have pushed a lot of indies off the charts, but while the indie publishers have a lot less titles charting this month, their market and dollar share have only dropped a little, suggesting that sales are up overall. The next three months will show the effects far more clearly.

Only 87 indie books charted this month, down from last month’s high of 127 and again the number 87 book sold around the same as the number 87 book last month. The bottom book sold 5,167 compared to last month’s 3,341. In total those books sold approximately 921,878, well down on last month’s 1,053,116. That said, last month the average sales were 8,292 per book, this month it’s 10,596. As usual, UK and European sales from Diamond UK are not reported in this chart.

A look over the sales seem to suggest that the better-selling books have weathered okay, but a lot of books further down the charts have suffered serious drops, with retailers maybe choosing to spend their re-stock money on DC books rather than indies.

This month Image were the number three publisher, with 4.49% dollar share and a 3.98 market share thanks to two issues of

Josh Neufeld's "Bahrain: Lines in Ink, Lines in the Sand"

New at Cartoon Movement today, Josh Neufeld’s Bahrain: Lines in Ink, Lines in the Sand Josh Neufeld, a true story set during Bahrain’s short lived Pearl Revolution about two two young Bahraini editorial cartoonists named Mohammed and Sara who see the events from opposite sides. This is an excellent, accessible piece that really helps make a smaller eddy of the complex, swirling events of the Arab Spring clear.

Watch GREEN LANTERN for 99 cents

YouTube has a new promotion for its new streaming service where you can watch recent movies for 99 cents — among them GREEN LANTERN. If you’ve been waiting for a budget-conscious way to watch Hal Jordan save the universe from an angry cloud, this is your chance.

You can also watch Harry Potter, Conan and that movie where Ton Hanks lives out his biker fantasy by riding a scooter with Julia Roberts on the back.

How Hard Is It to Buy A Marvel Essentials on Amazon?

I don’t know about you, but when the holidays come around and the relatives want a cheap-ish gift, I usually send them some links to Marvel Essential volumes on Amazon. They’re relatively inexpensive, my relatives don’t have to figure out where the comic shop is (in rural areas, this can be an issue) and they like the thickness of the volumes when they wrap them.

Imagine my shock Thursday night as I was online and noting the massive amount of Essential volumes that were out of stock. Marvel’s inability/unwillingness to keep tpbs in print has been a hot button topic in recent months, but this is a bit beyond anything I would have expected. This doesn’t mean Diamond doesn’t have some copies in the warehouse for the DM, but my experience with Amazon has been if they think it will take a few weeks to restock, you’ll see a 4-6 weeks to ship notation and they’ll take your order. Here’s a list of major Essential series, how many volumes are out and then the ones where the only purchase option on 12/1 were the “used & new” 3rd party resellers. I’m not listing Dazzler/Ant-Man/Human Torch.