Old Comics: Blue Circle Comics #2

The insides are even better.


Old Comics Time: Danger Man

They don’t make ’em like this any more.


Must read: How to stay in the biz, by Chris Eliopoulos

Recently, letterer/artist Chris Eliopoulos posted some guidelines for how to stay in the business once you’ve broken in. There are a few comics-specific details, but mostly, this is how you stay in any field. A sampling:


Nice art: Joe Infurnari's REED-iculous Richards

In his spare time, the MUSH artist likes to doodle in a series called REED-iculous RICHARDS.


Kibbles 'n' Bits, 11/14/11

A few for the road.


Top Shelf launches app

Top Shelf has just announced a team-up with comiXology that includes their own iOS app, and a separate app for the Kids Club line. Books from LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN to OWLY will be available across various platforms.

Interestingly, Top Shelf is the first “alt.comix” type publisher to go whole hog with digital. D&Q and Fantagraphics and most of the smaller indies have remained remained aloof to the ecomics world. Although most art comics are best suited to the paper medium — and are, indeed the very type of objects that will keep print books alive for quite some time — a lot of indie cartoonists read just fine on the screen — we’ve found some of the “panel grid layout” types even look great on an iPhone. It seems like only a matter of time before everyone has their own app and storefront…but how long?


Boom teases Grant Morrison on the Avengers — UPDATE

Not that Avengers. The ones with John Steed and Mrs. Peel.

You know, Diana Rigg.

The image suggests a six-issue miniseries beginning in January based on the ’60s TV show The Avengers, whch featured an urbane pair of British spies. The show was a huge influence on Morrison, so it’s not hard to see why he’d want to write a miniseries based on the property.


Frank Miller unloads on Occupy Wall Street

In case you were not on Twitter orFacebook in comics circles this weekend, Frank Miller, evidently tired of being asked when Sin City 2 would go into productions, decided to set up a diversion by airing his feelings on the Occupy Wall Street movement in a calm, reasoned editorial that did not contain ad hominem attacks:



I am going away from the computer for approximately 48 hours. Of course, this means that Marvel will announce a reboot, or Jim Lee will quit DC, or Alan Moore will announce he’s writing HELLBOY, or Google will buy Archie Comics sometime during the next 48 hours. My Special Operatives will be keeping an eye on things, and I’ve left a few art posts to keep you all amused. But for now I’m going somewhere where giant Indians beat drums so loud that train tracks disintegrate. Because that’s how I roll. So behave.