Catwoman's Guillem March gets his own art book

Artist Guillem March’s work on CATWOMAN has gotten a lot of attention — although not for the best reasons. But before he pencilled superheroes book for DC, he had a busy career in his native Spain as a pin-up artist. Now Image is showcasing that side of his art in a new book slated for January. PR below:

It takes an army of men to stop the Hulk…or draw him

Since the olden days of the Marvel Bullpen, it has been tradition to draft an army of freelancers to do an overnight rush to get a book out on time. This week, the week-early release of HULK #2 on comiXology due to a computer error gave everyone who managed to snag a copy before it was withdrawn a chance to peruse the credits and they were a wonderful tribute to this Bronze Age tradition:

Spider-Man musical claims another victim

After months of peaceful performances, this was a rocky week for the Spider-Man musical. On Tuesday original director Julie Taymor sued over royalties and on Wednesday there was yet another injury to the cast. Back-up Spidey Matthew James Thomas, who plays the title role at matinees Wednesday and Saturday, was injured backstage while racing from one scene to another. The injury required a 10-minute pause in the musical, a trip to the hospital, and stitches for Thomas.

RIP: Mick Anglo

Marvelman creator Mick Anglo died last week at age 96, Bleeding Cool reports. Although best known as the actual creator of Marvelman— later Miracleman– whose resurrection by Alan Moore and Garry Leach led to one of the most bizarre rights battles in comics history, Anglo had a long career as a writer (sometimes under the name Jonny Dekker) and artist, from 1940 onwards.

Although involved in at least one legal wrangle for his character in recent years, Anglo settled up his end of things, and Marvel has recently been reprinting his early Marvelman/Miracleman adventures.