To celebrate the season, Boom! Studios has launched one of its comics as a webcomic, DRACULA: THE COMPANY OF MONSTERS by Kurt Busiek, Daryl Gregory, Scott Godlewski, and Damian Couciero. To start off with, the webcomic is serializing the print version, but then will start running new material.

24 Hours of Halloween: Better Zombies Through Physics 01 by Jim Ottaviani and Sean Bieri

More spooky webcomic from Tor.com. This one is by Jim Ottaviani and Sean Bieri and it’s about ZOMBIE KITTENS.

24 Hours of Halloween: The Last Mortician by Tim Hall and Dean Haspiel

Now complete! READ IT!

24 Hours of Halloween: EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson

Quite a few holiday-themed strips are up at Johnson’s EXTRA-LIFE webcomic.

What Halloween is Truly About, Or the True Meaning of Halloween

BY JEN VAUGHN – Opening up my mail the other day I was assaulted by religious propaganda from Jack Chick for the most fabulous of holidays, HALLOWEEN. My pack included TWO holiday-appropriate comics that I will not share with you but be certain they took all the fun out of pranks, scary stories and trick-or-treating in their clumsy attempt to remind you that ‘Halloween was created by the devil.’

24 Hours of Halloween: Freelance Blues

In the real life terror dept. we have FREELANCE BLUES created and written by Ian Daffern and Mike Leone and drawn by Vicki Tierney. Here’s a cover by Mike del Mundo.

24 Hours of Halloween: Hound Kids Comics launches

A new line of kids graphic novels has launched today for iPhone and iPad from Hound Comics, including MY FAVORITE GIANT, about being Chewbacca and being tall by Peter and Angie Mayhew with art by Terry Naughton. There seems to be something terrifying about this so it fits in with the spirit of the season.

Robert Kirkman is on The View today

We made it people. Finally, a comic book person has made The View. Robert Kirkman will appear on today’s Halloween-themed edition of the popular coffee-klatsch chat fest.

CBLDF Be Counted Campaign has $23,000 to go — here's what you can do

Charles Brownstein notes that the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s October fundraising goal of $100,000 is 77% there — they have today to raise the last $25,000 and lots of great premiums still available. Check out the list below and see if there’s something on your wishlist.

24 Hours of Halloween: NIGHTMARE WOLRD

Dirk Manning sent us the covers of all three NIGHTMARE WORLD collections, by Kristen Perry. The third and final volume just came out.

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 10/31/2011

Will Tintin be a hit? Can Central Jersey host a comics show? What is the secret comic strip Chuck Jones tried to hide the existence of? All this in today’s Kibbles!

24 Hours of Halloween: Mari Naomi's Sleep Deprived

This is a real-life story, and a pretty familiar one to inhabitants of hip urban areas. But it is still SCARY AS %$^*!!!!

24 Hours of Halloween: the costumes of New York Comic Con

Courtesy of the Science Fiction Book Club, a video remembrance of the great costumes from NYCC.

24 Hours of Halloween: Kevin Colden

Kevin sent along his version of Jack the Ripper, above and an illo of the story The Pink from a collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

24 Hours of Halloween: Something

We’re not quite sure what this is. But if you see it, run the other way. Click for the NSFW version.

24 Hours of Halloween: Heidi Klum as a corpse

OTOH, the latest from the queen of Halloween might just be the best costume evah.