Marvel Month-to-Month Sales August 2011

by Paul O’Brien

Welcome to the calm before the storm. Or, in Marvel’s case, the calm before more calm. September will all be about the DC Universe relaunch, and it’s going to be a little while before the news cycle comes back round to anything Marvel have to announce.

In the meantime, this month we have more “Fear Itself”, more “Spider-Island”, and the relaunch of the Ultimate imprint with ULTIMATE COMICS HAWKEYE and (ahem) ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES.

Once again, Marvel had the largest share of the North American direct market, leading DC by 42% to 35% in unit share and 37% to 31% in DC. Needless to say, it’ll be a huge surprise if that holds up next month.

Thanks as always to for permission to use these figures.

04/11  #1 of 7 - 135,746
05/11  #2 of 7 - 105,359  (-22.4%)
06/11  #3 of 7 -  99,501  ( -5.6%)
07/11  #4 of 7 -  93,435  ( -6.1%)
08/11  #5 of 7 -  90,914  ( -2.7%)

Levelling out quite comfortably as the series goes on. I’ll come to the performance of the tie-in issues later.

GeekGirl Con was a sellout

This weekend’s GeekGirl Con in Seattle sounds like it was a big success; both Saturday and Sunday sold out, and while the above news report doesn’t make it look like it was sardine-land, maybe selling out before you get to that point is not a bad idea.

Gail Simone has a lengthy write-up that deserves to be read in full; the idea of a female-run and female-centric convention seems to be fairly emblematic of the time and place we find ourselves in, and it sounds like the programming, in particular, was noteworthy:

Mosher joins comiXology as VP of Marketing, PR, and Business Development

Following his stint at BOOM! Studios, Chip Mosher has joined comiXology as VP of Marketing, PR and Business Development, where he’ll run the digital distributor’s West Coat office. Mosher was in on BOOM!’s early experiments in digital comics, so he’ll doubtless bring much of that experience to comiXology, as well as his formidable talking abilities. It’s a strong move for both parties.

As if you hadn’t figured out that digital comics are here to stay, they are now hiring real people for real jobs for, presumably, real salaries.

Archie brings back superheroes in digital form

The “Red Circle” line of superheroes—The Fly, the Shield and so on—has been bouncing around the industry for a while now — first at Archie, then recently licensed to DC where they basically kicked back on the veranda with an iced tea. They’re one of those little bits of IP that isn’t always out in front but just seems too valuable to let go of entirely.

Now Archie Comics is continuing its forward looking ways by bringing back their superheroes as a series of digital comics.

31 days of Halloween: Sam Costello & David Hitchcock

Today’s image is pretty strong stuff so to see the whole thing, you’ll have have to click on the thumbnail. It comes to us from Sam Costello, who writes:

This image is from our latest story, A Mother’s Love, for Split Lip Comics. I wrote it and David Hitchcock (Whitechapel Freak, Springheeled Jack, etc.) drew it. The story is about a monster plaguing a small town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

You can read the whole story here.

Today is Torsten Day at Stately Beat Manor

While others celebrate Columbus, we will celebrate Torsten Adair, who’s become our regular weekend poster, keeper of the Coming Attractions, and master of the roundup.

Torsten has been commenting at the Beat as long as there’s been a Beat, and somewhere back in the mists of the Mesozoic Era we said “Hey, if you’re going to write all that you might as well post it.”