FutureComics #1: Dan Archer’s interactive Nisoor Square comic

While we’re all waiting for the other shoe to drop on the New 52, digital comics are inching towards new developments that may make them even more native on digital platforms. A couple of examples were being tweeted about heavily this week.

Cartoonist Dan Archer has been experimenting with interactive non-fiction comics for a while. What is Comics Journalism? by Dan Archer, a survey of non-fiction comics from Thomas Nast on. It’s a nice looking piece but comes with bells and whistles:

Help Dylan Williams, Buy A Book From Sparkplug

Via Rob Clough, As anyone who is Facebook friends with him knows, Dylan Williams is very seriously ill and could use the help and support of the comics industry. The cartoonist and publisher of Sparkplug Comic Books indicated that beyond getting good vibes of support from his many, many friends, he could use financial support […]

Terrifying earthquake hits Stately Beat Manor

Yeah like the rest of you East Coasters, we just had a little wee temblor. My mind refused to believe it was happening, preferring to think that it was a big truck driving by or the Second Avenue Subway rattling by…except that doesn’t exist just yet. Having been in the Northridge quake, I knew it wasn’t serious…yet, but the idea of the piles of books in Stately Beat Manor tumbling down filled my heart with dread. But the cat didn’t even wake up.

Hope the folks closer to the epicenter are okay. Virginian Colleen Doran tweeted:

Fun times in Baltimore, 2011 edition

And to think I almost didn’t go to the Baltimore Comic-Con. Like many I was feeling pretty conned out, but in the end the idea of a short road trip to an always relaxing show — and covering the Harveys — won out, so I was off on a road trip with Ed Catto of Bonfire Agency and Captain Action fame, and Josh Frankel, founder of new publisher Zip Comics. Beginning as it did at 7:30 am, the trip down was a coffee-driven affair, as we discussed our various endeavors and ideas for improvements and prognostications for the future. While all three of us are born optimists, the current uncertainties and question marks left any real attempts at planning akin to spitting into the wind. Future cloudy; ask again later.