Studio Coffee Run 8/19/11: Catwoman’s starving, Jason Stackhouse is invisible, Fright Night is killing it with critics, etc.

Anne Hathaway is starving herself to fit into her Cat Woman costume for your viewing pleasure. She does look pretty neat in one of the new photos of heavily armored vehicles just released from the set of The Dark Knight. Also at the link is a pic of Gary Oldman who’s returning as Commissioner Gordon.  […]

AVENGERS movie update: Thor and Captain America brawl on the streets

We don’t need us to tell you that it’s tough times in the heartland of America these days. Slowing manufacturing, a recession that never really ended in some places, and a recovery that has failed to ignite.

Luckily, one thing has come to the Steel belt to liven things up — superhero movies. With Batman filming in Pittsburgh, Superman in Chicago, and now The Avengers in Cleveland (standing in for NYC? Ooooooookay) it’s been boom times for photographers.

Here’s the latest Avengers leaked photos, showing Cap and Thor battling mocapped Hydra or someone goons.

This weekend: Baltimore Comic-Con

The East Coast comics shindig known as the Balitimore Comic-Con takes places this weekend at the Baltimore Comvention Center; highlights include the Harvey awards tomorrow night emcee’d by Scott Kurtz, and an appearance by Stan Lee. The complete guest list is here; it includes people like Jeff Smith, Adam Hughes, Amanda Conner, Geof Darrow, Nick Spencer and so on. In other words, it’s a fantastic place to hang out, maybe buy a sketch look at some comics.

There’s also a costume contest on Saturday, a complete slate of programming.

If you’ve always wanted to attend a REAL comic book convention with the emphasis on comics and the people who make them…this is the joint.

The Beat will be there for all the fun, just walking around and saying hi. Please feel free to say hi back!

With Borders gone, manga industry looks to new markets

Remember manga? It’s still around, even if it isn’t the juggernaut it was in the olden days. The big, big news in manga this week was the launch of, best described as what if Marvel, DC, Random House, Dynamite, and Fantagraphics all teamed up to create their own comiXology. After years of sitting around anxiously watching piracy take a toll, the top Japanese publishers have finally banded together to create their own LEGAL online portal. The site just launched this week, and there been a ton of talk. J.K. Parkin has a great round-up of much of the reaction but it hasn’t been universally loved: