Getaway special: The day Spider-Man taught the Beyonder how to use the bathroom

Great moments in comics history, via Jim Shooter, Al Milgrom, Steve Leialoha and Christie Scheele from Secret Wars II issue #2. As referenced on Twitter by Brian Reed and shamelessly ganked by us.

Surprising that Peter Parker did not supply the Beyonder with a magazine to occupy his thoughts.

Yet another reason why SECRET WARS were the best wars. Secret POOPIN’ Wars!

The Flaws of Kickstarter, part 2

For artists, (and I mostly mean indie artists) Kickstarter is a blessing and a curse. The upsides for creators have been praised by plenty of others: hey, free money! The downsides mostly boil down to stunting your artistic growth and releasing a substandard product into an overcrowded marketplace. That’s not a practice limited to Kickstarter by any means, but it’s greatly enabled by risk-free money.

The Flaws of Kickstarter, part 1

So before anyone gets offended: No one is a bad person for using Kickstarter. It’s a tool in our toolbox for these tough economic times, and it has genuinely helped a lot of creators get their work into print who otherwise might not have been able to do that. For groups working on a project together, even better! As a mechanism for fundraising or pre-sales, when the money’s put in the right hands, we can all feel nice about it. Good for you if you’ve been able to make it work, I am genuinely happy for your success.

PREVIEW: Diane Duane’s The Misadventures of Prince Ivan

Back when the deeds of Kyrax2 were making the rounds, we’d tagged a post we never got around to spotlighting by author Diane Duane, who lists her bio as “30+ years in print, 50+ novels, assorted TV and movie work, the NYT Bestseller List a few times, blah blah blah. Also: the Young Wizards series, 1983-2010 and beyond”–the kind of long-lasting, multi-media resume that superior writers build up. In a post on her blog about DC’s women troubles, Duane talked about being a comics reader and creator over the years:

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 8/12/10

§ A fellow whose girlfriend was interning at Disney two years ago and knew about the Marvel acquisition has been charged with insider trading after he took advantage of his knowledge to buy stocks just before the acquisition was announced — this kind of thing is illegal unless you use the popular “time travel” method of going back in time to remind yourself to invest in Widget stock or whatever. Toby Scammell, 26, may have just snooped into his GF’s Blackberry — or maybe he just knew. Either way he made a 3000% return on his $5,465 investment.

Ren & Stimpy is 20, and so are Doug and Rugrats!

We missed the actual anniversary, but Cartoon Brew noted that 20 years ago yesterday — August 11, 1991 marked the debut of the Nicktoons programming block, including Ren & Stimpy, perhaps the most influential cartoon of the last quarter century. Early episodes featured John K’s eccentric genius unleashed and ushered in an age of more personal, biting animation — and for a little while Happy Happy Joy Joy, Muddy Mudskipper and Log were household names, as hipsters called one another “you eediot!” and were urged not to qhiz on the electric fence. We wanted to embed this clip from “Ren’s Toothache,” the most horrible cartoon ever made, but a still will have to do.