More comments on Multi-Culti-Ultimate Spidey from Colbert, Taiwanese animation, actual mixed race man

There have been about 42 multigabillion reactions in the media to the new multi-culti-ultimate Spider-Man, and we’re not going to link to all of them, but here are the three best that have crossed our desk today. Perhaps we’ll update this post if more good ones come in.

• As you can see Stephen Colbert weighed in last night with some funny, funny jokes. Colbert is an avowed comics fan with many crossovers in his resume already, including having Joe Quesada on as a guest, and guesting himself in an issue of Spider-man.

MUST READ: How to sell things, not give them away, at the San Diego Comic-Con

Steam Crow is a publishers/novelty/poster/art company we’ve noticed at shows before because of their great display and attractive merchandise. They are not an outright comics publisher, as they concentrate on buttons, prints, art and so on but they do publish some books. Their style is distinctive — a cute/horror/steampunk kind of mashup . They’s just posted selling tips from San Diego that EVERYONE SHOULD READ, as it contains solid advice about making sales at the show — despite being across the aisle from a giant movie booth. Although their product line makes this a bit different from a comic-only booth, the reality is that selling ancillary merchandise is a major revenue stream for most comics publishers these days, small and large, and these observations are valuable for just about everyone. A sample:

NEW: First photo of Henry Cavill as Superman

Warner Bros. has released the first picture of Henry Cavill as Superman, and as opposed to previous reveals, they have decided against a standing poser and gone for something way more action-filled and dramatic.

And it works.

While the trunks are in shadow, this does seem to be the traditional, red-pantied Superman look. Gone, however is the spit curl. The look of the photo is more than a little “Jim Lee-esque” with its heavy grading and dramatic lighting. In our opinion, not a bad update — but what do you guys think?