WildStorm: The last lunch

It’s a week of changes for DC. The last remnants of those who are moving West have packed up shop, and the WildStorm offices in La Jolla are closing for good, ending nearly 20 years of history, innovation and comics.

To mark the event, an alumni lunch was held. Apparently the turnout was insane. The final group shot awaits, but above is a sampling, with Hank Kanalz, John Nee, and Carla and Jim Lee. Jim Lee tweeted:


Truth is dumber than fiction as Glenn Beck unravels Spidey conspiracy

In one of my rebuttals to one of the idiotic racist postings on The Beat yesterday, I Almost….ALMOST made a reference to Glenn Beck along the lines of, “Glenn Beck should start a line of comics just for all the angry white men; sales would soar.”

And then I thought, oh that’s too knee-jerk.

What was I thinking?


Spurlock’s Comic-Con documentary to premiere at Toronto Film Festival

Morgan Spurlock’s documentary recapping the 2010 Comic-Con will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, it’s being reported. The film — backed by a nerd pantheon of people like Stan Lee, Joss Whedon and Thomas Tull — was show at last year’s con and was expected to perhaps debut at this year’s, but Spurlock is going for a bigger film venue in TIFF.


Can comics that don’t star white men sell?

Well, HOLY CRAP. It’s all done broke loose now, hasn’t it. What the hell is going on? The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together. OR should that be: men and women, blacks and whites making COMICS together.

It seems like “The Diversity Issue” in comics has exploded all over the place. It can’t be silenced. It can’t be swept under the rug. More accurately, its ISP can’t be blocked. The intersquawk just won’t let these issue die. Is it just a few malcontents who won’t shut up?

Is it a reflection of the world we live in?

Or is it just that as we enter the Digital Age of comics (and everything else) infinite accessibility means that the broadening audience for comics needs them to step up and join the real world?


Gabrielle Bell finishes monthlong comics event

Every day in July the great Gabrielle Bell a href=”http://gabriellebell.com/2011/08/01/31/”> posted a comic. . Out own July was a bit too chaotic for regular reading but it’s all up now — but only until August 15th. We caught up with our own reading, and it’s a fascinating trip into a world of nosy supers, computer cables, post office frustration, lost keys, self doubt and survival. Check it out while you can …and congrats Gabrielle.


Sin Titulo is back

Cameron Stewart’s Eisner-winning webcomic Sin Titulo has been appearing sporadically due to his busy schedule, but a new page is up, and this time, he promises, he’s going to be able to stick with it for a while.


DC offers JLA and Flashpoint at midnight

August 31st will be quite a day for DC. On that day they will offer only two comics for sale — Flashpoint #5 and JLA #1. And stores will be able to sell them at midnight:


Some Kirby/Marvel links

The must-read from yesterday is Michael Dean’s look at the actual court documents ALSO, Spanish cartoonist Pepo Perez has his own comments on creator ownership, here in the Google translation. That’s makes for some awkwardness, but also some great stuff.


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits – 8/3/11

Bling! Ka-ching! Webcomics aren’t just for paupers any more! I guess this profile of mostly Easthampton webcomickers in the Boston Globe is the model of the Media Story About Webcomics. Some of them make six figures!