Comic-Con 2011: Perception vs. Reality, Part Two

Well, after posting my initial analysis of Comic-Con programming, astute Beat readers suggested I consider the square footage and attendance of each panel.

Using the color-coded programming grids found on the CCI website, and then using the occupancy data for the convention center and nearby hotels, I created a nice spreadsheet for each room or hall.

Here are the totals…

Watch Harrison Ford rip the head off Papa Smurf

The feud between dueling comics movies COWBOYS & ALIENs and THE SMURFS erupted in violence last night when COWBOYS star Harrison Ford ripped the head off a stuffed Papa Smurf handed to him my late night chat host Conan O’Brien.

Ford’s rage may have been misplaced, as COWBOYS AND ALIENS eventually edged SMURFS at the box office by a million buckaroonies or so.

If nothing else, the incident set up a dandy idea for a sequel: COWBOYS VS LITTLE BLUE PEOPLE.

Tokyopop’s Stu Levy is on Kickstarter for earthquake documentary

When last we saw former Tokyopop owner and publisher Stu Levy, he was in Japan, sleeping in a truck on his way to deliver food to the victims of the March 11th Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that left parts of the country devastated. At the same time that Toykopop was shutting down for good, Levy announced his intention to spend a year making a documentary about the disaster and the survivor’s heroic efforts to help others through the tough times.

Well, now there’s a trailer for this documentary and a Kickstarter page looking to raise $20,000 for post (color grading, etc) and marketing for the film, whose purpose he explains thusly:

Warners won’t give up on Green Lantern movie franchise

While given everything that went on, having another go at Green Lantern seems like a surprising move, Warners really has no choice. They’ve made a huge investment in their superhero franchises, and with Harry Potter gone, they need another tentpole franchise. Batman gets rebooted after next year and Superman is a big question mark at this point, so throwing money and marketing partnerships at it until the Happy Meals stick seems to be the only way to go.

Marvel announces new Ultimate Spider-Man of a different color [SPOILERS]

All of you folks who have been crying about diversity in comics had better be all over this! Marvel has revealed that the new Ultimate Spider-Man will be Hispanic/African-American teenager Miles Morales. A USA Today story broke the news and reveals that yes, Donald Glover’s campaign to play Spider-Man was an influence on writer Brian Michael Bendis, although only as an indication that previous discussions about relaunching Spider-Man as a non-white character were on the right track.

The 100 most prolific DC Comics writers

What writer has made the biggest contribution to the many universes of DC? Now that question can be answered, at least in terms of volume. Jason Kirk has been playing with the Grand Comic Database and come up with a list of the top 100 DC Comics by page count. You’ll need to go to the full link, but here’s the top 20 for arguments sake and some of Kirk’s talking points: