Court rules in favor of Marvel in Kirby copyright case — with text of ruling and depositions

A sad day for those who hoped, perhaps against hope, that Jack “The King’ Kirby’s heirs would get some of the money their father’s creations have made over the years. Characters including Captain America (created in the ’40s with Joe Simon), The Hulk, Iron Man and Thor– you know, if they called next year’s potential biggest-movie-of-all-time THE AVENEGRS “JACK KIRBY’S AVENGERS” they would not be far from the mark.

Deadline has analysis, seeing it as a big setback for lawyer Marc Toberoff, who has won many unlikely IP cases against giant studios in the past:

Alert: Brent Anderson’s artwork has been stolen

We heard of a couple of car break-ins at Comic-Con, and one of the worst was artist Brent Anderson’s :

“Brent Anderson had a lot of art stolen in San Diego. His car was broken into at the San Diego Zoo and the following original art was stolen: 50 pages from Astro City Vols. 1 & 2 & Local Heroes; AC: Dark Age Books 1 (#s 1-4), 2 (#s 1-4) & 3 (#s 1-4) (50 pages). Green Lantern and Rising Stars artwork was stolen as well. Please share this to as many venues as possible, to get the thief caught and the art returned.”

SDCC, A Look Back: The Beat

One red-eye flight from Burbank later, and I’ve had the most uninterrupted sleep I’ve gotten in two weeks. It will take another 10 hours to really get normal, but for that I’ve got to hang on until the weekend. YOU CAN DO IT!

I’ll have more emblematic con thoughts tomorrow, but for now a few shout outs:

Marvel offers variants for DC covers again

The last time Marvel did a “Comics for Comics” program, they rather slyly offered a Marvel variant edition for the covers of some DC BLACKEST NIGHT tie-ins. And they are at it again, the cheeky devils at Marvel are offering a variant edition of FEAR ITSELF #6 to retailers who strip off the covers of a bunch of Flashpoint tie-ins. It’s kind of a variation on the old “collecting scalps/heads of our enemies” routine. In the PR Marvel claims that tens of thousands of covers were sent in in past versions of the program…considering the print runs of some of these books, that would be a significant chunk of the runs.