SDCC11: Yoe! Books!

Given the huge crowds at Comic-Con International, it’s not surprising that an artist or publisher will promote The Latest and Greatest at the show. With all the buzz, the media, the fans… it’s an excellent opportunity for a publisher to debut something amazing, something they hope will generate a lot of interest and lead to sales through the holiday season.

So regular con-goers shouldn’t be surprised that Craig Yoe, Eisner-Award winning author and designer, will have a new book to showcase. Not only are his history books beautifully designed and researched, but they are also fun to read. He even finds little gems, like Elvis reading a copy of “Betty and Veronica”, to spice up his books.

Russ Manning Award Spotlight: Nate Simpson

None of this year’s Russ Manning Award nominees created a bigger splash than Nate Simpson with the debut of his comic Non-Player. With it’s gorgeous, fully imagined artwork it was the toast of the internet for a few weeks and sold out right away.

LIke may recent Manning nominees, Simpson works in video game design — not only artwork but character and story concepts; his resume includes Demigod, Space Siege, Supreme Commander 2, GoPets. the Starfleet Command series and dozens more.

Russ Manning Award Spotlight: Paul Roman Martinez

Continuing our look at this year’s Russ Manning Award nominees, we come to Paul Roman Martinez, aka Kopetkai. He’s the creator of the dieselpunk webcomic The Adventures of the 19XX. According to his bio, he’s a California-based graphic designer/web designer who works on his comics in his spare time. The 19xx combines his interests in art and history with a pretty nifty premise:

The Comic-Con Virgin Diaries: Nate C. Day 2

So as you’re reading this, I’m either on Delta flight 547 eating a Clif Bar, or I’ve already landed in beeyootiful San Diego, California. Figured I should get there a few days before SDCC, see some sights, see if San Diego PBR tastes different from New York PBR.

The convention experience has evolved for me throughout the years. I’ve had four cycles: