New, younger Superman is single, more broody and “Twi-lighty”

Perhaps inspired by the success of the SUPERMAN; EARTH ONE gn with it’s younger, more teen-friendly Superman, the DCnÜ Superman will similarly be a jeans-wearing, broodier alien who is NOT married to Lois Lane.

In fact, Lois is dating another guy! Is he named Jacob Black or Eric Northman? Only time will tell.

The new cover by Rags Morales is one of the best of the current relaunch, a nice iconic shot of the Man of Steel in his jeans, t-shirt and running shoes outfit. According to the PR he’s soon to don his battle armor that pays tribute to his Kryptonian Past. It was either that or a friendship bracelet.

SDCC11: What if you have to eat?

One of the greatest joys of Comic-Con is the quest for food, as regular Beat readers know. From a filling lunch consisting of a handful of carrots to a hearty dinner of clawing at the last crumbs of chips at the Wired Cafe happy hour, Comic-Con is a food orgy for the hardworking folks at Stately Beat Manor.

Luckily some people have a clearer idea of where to go to grab a bite. The folks at CCI haveput up an exhaustive list of restaurants, including many con specials where you need to just show your badge to get extra goodies or a discount. The locals love Comic-Con –it’s official!

Another creator in need: Don McGregor

Don McGregor is the writer of such Bronze Age classics as Black Panther and Killraven, and the first direct sales graphic novel, Sabre. Clifford Meth reports that family health emergencies have forced him to sell some of his art collection, including iconic pages from the above series: