Diamond launches digital comics in September

After a period of beta testing, Diamond is ready to roll out their digital comics sales this September. As there is not much else happening that month, maybe this will perk things up.

More seriously, about 30 publishers are participating in the venture, which is run through iVerse and involves participating retailers generating codes for sale. The program will begin more advanced beta testing in stores in August.

Interested retailers can sign up here.

GREAT art: Spiegelman, Ware and Panter talk Feininger

For those of you happily staying home in NYC instead of braving nerd prom, you are being rewarded by an amazing event: The Fine Art of Comics, with Gary Panter, Art Spiegelman, and Chris Ware at the Whitney Museum on July 20th. Held in conjunction with a show on Lyonel Feininger, this trio of masters will talk about comics and fine art.

Conspiracy corner: Pants, kittens, credits

DC Comics is either smart or crazy…or both. Their policy of extremely controlled release of information on the New 52 has led to Kremlinology being taken to new heights as every post on The Source leads to people examining everything with a fine tooth comb…(and sometimes finding franks and beans) and DC getting more and more publicity out of it, even when it looks like a mistake or change of direction.