Brian Wood writing Lord of the Rings comic for LoTR: War in the North

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is a new action-RPG set in Middle Earth that takes place during the War of the Rings but is concerned with the action in non-southern front places. LIke Eriador and Rhovanion.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

That’s right! Carn Dûm, baby!


Announcing: Womanthology

Artiest Renae De Liz (THE LAST UNICORN) is putting her energy where her mouth is and compiling WOMANTHOLOGY, an anthology of female creators, with a lineup that includes:


Disney’s D23 festival announces schedule and Marvel events

For years, we wondered why Disney didn’t do it’s own Comic-Con…and now they are with the biennial D23 festival in Anaheim. This year’s show, set for August 19-21, is the suspected reason why Disney’s Hall H presence for such films as John Carter and The Avengers will not be at Comic-Con. And indeed, the presentation schedule has just been announced and not only does it include a 90 minute Hall H style presentation, but an entire Joe Quesada-led Marvel event.

This would be an awesome thing to attend if it weren’t just a month after Comic-Con for us East coasters. Anyone want to cover it for us?

Also, nice to see the Disney princesses getting named as legends.


DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: May 2011

Despite the debut of this year’s big blockbuster series Flashpoint, average DC comic-book sales were down in May. In part, that’s because Flashpoint itself came in 13,000 units below the magical 100K mark and ended up charting second after Marvel’s Fear Itself #2, which has to be quite a disappointment for DC. On the other hand, most of the rest of DC’s line didn’t join in the crossover until June, so the overall numbers may still pick up.

The other notable thing about DC’s May output is that there wasn’t a lot of it. The number of new comic books released by DC in May was 59, which, along with January 2004, holds the record for the fewest number of books released by the company since Diamond started publishing data on actual sales. Looking at the solicitations, it’s not hard to find the reason: None of the five Green Lantern film tie-in books scheduled for May came out (one of them still hasn’t been published as I’m writing this), while the launch dates of Static Shock and Batwoman were pushed back to September.

And, while we’re at it, the David Finch vehicle Batman: The Dark Knight remained in limbo in May. DC’s Web site currently lists issue #3 for July 13 and issue #5 for August, with no information on #4. So not even DC seems entirely sure what’s going on with the book.


SD11: Thursday programming is here!

Programming for PREVIEW NIGHT and Thursday is up! If there ain’t something you like here then you are sick of life! Highlights later,


Sony ends comics sales on PSP

One of the earliest outlets for digital comics — Sony’s PSP gaming system — will no longer be selling them, according to an announcement on the Sony blog:


Exclusive: Kim Harrison’s Blood Work Blog Tour

Original comics additions to best-selling fantasy series are one of the hottest trends in graphic novels these days, and here’s a new one that looks to continue that trend.

Kim Harrison’s The Hollows urban fantasy series has already sold over a million copies and now it’s joining the graphic novel world with BLOOD WORK, an original gn set in the Hollows world with art by Pedro Maia an Gemma Magno. The book was written by Harrison herself and goes on sale on July 12th.

The Hollows series is set in an alternate world where supernatural witches, vampires, werewolves and pixies lives alongside more regular humans. Rachel Morgan, a witch, is a detective who investigates crimes that involves both worlds. BLOOD WORK tells the story of how Morgan and her vampire partner Ivy Tamwood met for the first time and teamed up.


BONE announces 20th Anniversary Tour Dates

At the Book Expo in May we were asking an indie book store owner if she sold many graphic novels and she said “Only the classics, like BONE.”

To celebrate, the BONE crew is hitting the road with the spectacular deluxe 20th Anniversary edition, the first full color one volume edition of BONE. Details here.