San Diego Comic-Con: The Map is here and we’ve annotated it

CCI has just released the exhibitor list and floor plan for this year’s show. How you can figure out your escape route, and where to pose, and how long it will take to go from the Corey Feldman autographing session to buying a an exclusive Mini-Mate 7th Bounty Hunter from the left action figure.

We’ve made our own EXCLUSIVE annotated map with some regions of note. Click to embiggen.

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: May 2011

It’s month two of event season, and FEAR ITSELF tie-ins are starting to crop up across the Marvel Universe. And there’s also the relaunch of MOON KNIGHT – wisely given a clear run in a month that’s otherwise pretty light on new titles.

DC’s FLASHPOINT event also gets underway in May, but with the crossover titles not hitting until June, it’s no surprise that Marvel were once again the top company in the direct market. They led DC by 46% to 28% in unit share and by 42% to 27% in dollars.

All of this, of course, could be turned upside down in September – a month which will be unpredictable if nothing else. But for now, let us cast our minds back to a simpler time.

Thanks as always to for allowing us to use these figures. And a reminder for newer readers: these numbers only relate to the North American direct market. They don’t cover newsstands, or foreign markets. And the same material will also (eventually) sell in digital and trade paperback format, so the total sales will be higher. On the other hand, these numbers reflect the orders placed by direct market retailers – it doesn’t follow that all the copies were actually sold to customers. But the longer a book has been going, the more accurate the retailers’ estimates ought to be.

Steve Bissette is back with TEEN ANGELS & NEW MUTANTS

Steve Bissette is second to none when it comes to well-sourced, exhaustively thorough and stimulatingly thoughtful writings on culture, so his new book TEEN ANGELS & NEW MUTANTS should be quite the read. … Amazingly, while EW’s comics coverage has been spotty of late, here’s an awesome interview with Bissette in Shelf Life : Brat Pack is not a graphic novel that tends to get mentioned in the same breath as, say, Watchmen or The Dark Knight Returns, when people talk about all-time great comics.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa talks about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Now that the drama had ended, and the show has gone on, some of the folks associated with the epic Spider-Man musical revamp are talking about their roles in it. Playwright/comics scribe Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa pens his memoirs of how he came to help rewrite the show and it’s quite sunny in tone, but also gives his side of it for the first time:

IDW announces 30 DAYS OF NIGHT monthly comic

This October Steve Niles and Sam Kieth will be teaming on an ongoing 30 DAYS OF NIGHT comic. The story adds new characters to the vampire saga that spawned the popular film.

Now you may be asking yourself, wasn’t there already an ongoing? N0 — there were lots of mini series but not an actual ongoing comic book. More via PR:

Coming Attractions: July 2011

So much good stuff! Bestselling author Christopher Moore writes a graphic novel! Ray Bradbury, Grandmaster, has two classics adapted! Grant Morrison writes about superheroes and religion! Disney and Hitler, together again! Girlie comics from Marvel! “Good Girl” comics from Jim Silke, Doug Sneyd, and Dean Yeagle! Great Women comics from Gail Simone, Colleen Coover, Megan Kelso, Jill Thompson, and Corinne Mucha! (Can’t find female creators on the newsstands? Check the bookshelves!) And lots of masterful work from Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Jim Starlin, and Floyd Gottfredson!