Laika: The alternate endings

To help them celebrate their 25th Anniversary, metro Washington DC-based comics shop chain Big Planet commissioned cartoonist Nick Abadzis to create “The Alternative Endings to Laika Show” . As you may recall. Abadzis’s graphic novel LAIKA concerns the true like story of the Russian pooch who was shot into space in 1957…never to return, making her the space race version of Old Yeller. However in these comics there is …a different outcome. Click for MORE!

The ICv2 Comics, Media, and Digital Conference returns to San Diego

The day before San Diego Comic-Con really kicks off and the hours before Preview Night will once again be taken up with the Comics, Media, and Digital Conference run by Milton Griepp (And co-sponsored by the Beat). This year’s event will include the 2011 White Paper with figures on sales, growth and other matters of vital import. Panels include Comics in Hollywood, Digital and Transmedia and the future of paper and digital — registration information can be found here

Big Bang Comics coming back from Pulp 2.0 Press

Gary Carlson and Chris Ecker’s retro Big Bang Comics, a throwback superhero series published by Image in the 90s has been licensed by Pulp 2.0 Press for a new edition. If you liked the Zebra Batman cover we posted earlier today, you’ll like Big Bang, as it regularly included contributions from Golden Agers Shelly Moldoff, Mart Nodell, Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson.

Pulp 2.0. Press is another retro publisher that puts out new editions of classic pulp material, including digital editions. You can see how this would work out.

Coolest Cowboys & Aliens tie-in: Hipstamatic lens pak

While Captain America’s sugartastic ice cream and donut tie-ins have been causing a lot of comment — and cavities — here’s a new comic book movie tie-in that is frighteningly hip: a lens/case pak for Hipstamatic, the trendy and addictive photo app for iPhones that produces instantly professional looking photos thanks to filters and levels. Director Jon Favreauannounced it on Twitter: