Is Peter Parker ‘pining for the fjords’ in tomorrow’s ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN? Mainstream media has the answer

Well, you didn’t have to have a degree in forensics to figure out that a storyline called “The Death Of Spider-Man” might involve….the death of Spider-Man. Hoping to jump on the same rampaging death-wagon that led to huge sales for the deaths of Johnny Storm and Captain America, Marvel allowed MASSSSSSSIIIIVVVVVVE spoilers in THREE mainstream media stories that broke this morning for TOMORROW’s issue of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #160: The Associated Press, USA Today, and the the NY Post which had a story title so incendiary we’re putting it in spoiler text!

Image announces ratings system — UPDATED

Via PR, confirmation that Image is adapting a ratings system based on DC’s ratings, which are similar to manga and video game ratings system implemented over the years.

With the death of the Comics Code, publishers are now voluntarily submitting to labeling systems, perhaps reflecting the widening audience for comics in bookstores and chain stores.

The brief PR makes no mention of who will implement these ratings: the creators or someone on the Image staff. WE’ve fired off an email to Image and will report any responses.

Royal Historian of OZ finale only available in digital form

Only a few days ago, SLG announced they would be selling digital comics via iVerse, and, in a sign of the continuing difficult of selling small comics periodicals, they have announced that the final issue of ROYAL HISTORIAN OF OZ by Tommy Kovac and Andy Hirsch will only be available as a pdf download. Although low orders scuttled the final print issue, it will be available in the collected edition, which is due in September.

Women in comics: They’re now, they’re wow — get used to it

The latest round of outrage over the matter of women in comics was sparked off when DC’s relaunch had only three “distaff” members. In all the talk-talk there was some along the lines of Adam P Knave’s Why Aren’t There More Women in Comics? which points out the lack of a welcome mat for female creators.

Knave takes pains to point out that he’s talking “mainstream” comics, but this got me thinking about how obsessing about women at The Big Two is really like worrying about the number of saunas in the Kalahari.

Green Lantern returns in cartoon form

The film may be this summer’s biggest evidence for Superhero Fatigue, but Green Lantern isn’t going away, oh no. He’ll star, as planned, in GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES on the Cartoon Network this fall. A new trailer was just released and you can download some wallpaper. The show is produced by Bruce Timm in a 3D animated style much influenced by THE INCREDIBLES, and features Hal (Josh Keaton), Killowog (Michael Clarke Duncan) and others going up against Red Lanterns.