Are movie studios finally over Comic-Con?

Was the giant SCOTT PILGRIM banner on the Bayside Hilton the shark jumping moment we’ve all been suspecting for the love affair between Comic-Con and Hollywood movie studios? Brooks Barnes and Michael Cieplyreport that the bloom is finally off the Comic-Con rose for some movie studios:

Stay fit the Francis Manapul way

Sitting behind a desk drawing (or blogging) all day is the surefire way to an unhealthy lifestyle, as we know all too well, but FLASH artist Francis Manapul is fighting back as profiled in the Globe and Mail:

Just how interested is Brandon Routh in Superman comics continuity?

Based on this photo of artist Jamal Igle explaining the whole “Superman renounces his citizenship”story from ACTION COMICS #900 to him, his feelings are mixed.

The happiest LADY cartoonists of all time?

A few years ago we pointed you at a 1950 Life Magazine spread that included various NCS cartoonists happily scribbling on swimwear covered models. Well, in the spirit of that shoot, but also to show how times have changed in 61 years, the Sequential Arts Workshop has updated these images with Ball Point Boxers which finds cartoonists Sara Varon, Leela Corman, Joan Reilly, Emily Flake, Hilary Allison and Jungyeon Roh recreating the stunt, this time with male boxers from Gleason’s Gym.

Nice art: Paolo Rivera’s Captain America poster

Artist Paolo Rivera was commissioned to create a special poster as a gift for the CAPTAIN AMERICA movie’s cast and crew. This is the result:

Jim Shooter’s Merry Marvel Marching Society kit

Thanks to his “pack-ratty” mother, Jim Shooter’s two Merry Marvel Marching Society kits from the ’60s are intact and in mint condition. The first one included the record with the amazing Bullpen greetings from Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Flo Steinberg, and so on.