To do: Marvels and Monsters

With all the talk about comics and racial stereotypes, this show running at NYU sounds like a must see. MARVELS AND MONSTERS looks at images of Asians in comics from the stereotyping of World War II through to the 80s. Curator Jeff Yang has some installation in progress photos on his Facebook Page. Sadly we missed the opening talk and reception last night but it looks to be a very comprehensive show, looking at different stereotypical roles including The Alien, the Kamikaze, the Brute, the Lotus Blossom, the Guru, the Brain, the Temptress, and the Manipulator. How well we know all those. The show runs until August 19th. Deets below:

Wonder Woman pilot wasn't that bad and neither were her shorts

iFanboy’s Conor Kilpatrick has seen the fabled Wonder Woman Pilot and….

There wasn’t a whole lot about the pilot that I didn’t like.

To do tonight: Cousin Corinne's LIVE COMIX BLOCK

Cousin Corinne’s LIVE COMIX BLOCK launches w/a presentation of Nick Bertozzi’s LEWIS&  CLARK and Jason Little’s MOTEL ART IMPROVEMENT SERVICE, MC’d by Jah Furry aka Jeff Newelt, on Friday, May 27th @7pm at BookCourt, 163 Court street [between Pacific&  Dean], Brooklyn / 718.875.3677. … + Nick Bertozzi will be showing images (first time anywhere) of his upcoming graphic novel JERUSALEM written by Boaz (REMEMBER THE TITANS) Yakin John Hodgman re LEWIS&  CLARK “Nick Bertozzi’s comics do more than bring history to life: they reanimate these long dead souls and make them human again.

Industry trends: Non-superhero books moving up

Industry analysis site ICv2 has just released a new industry report card for Q1 ’11, and while sales were a bit patchy, it wasn’t a disaster. This article contains links to a bunch of category analyses, but perhaps the most interesting is that non-Big Two, non-superhero titles are beginning to take up a bigger part of the market share:

Studio Coffee Run 5/27: AKIRA, Wonder Woman, Torchwood etc.

Shannon O’Leary brings you up to speed on the week’s developments in nerd-themed entertainment, starting with a mysterious photo of Catwoman.

Digital Issues, Part 1 – The Apps

Comics and the iPad were made for each other. The screen, although slightly smaller than a comic page, works nicely to display comics. Panels look great on it’s glossy screen, even with the backlight turned down. Even the iPad with the smallest capacity can hold 20 longboxes worth of comics, no problem, and that’s just what I can carry with me. Comics folks are classically unwilling to accept change (why do you think no one ever dies in comics?) but it’s time. Comics are going digital and we should embrace that, so here’s a quick look at some of the best digital comics readers for the iPad.

January Jones as the White Queen is heating up

Fox has been holding back on the January Jones/White Queen lingerie shots for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS but The Hollywood Reporter is delivering with some shots in era-appropriate (and now fetishized) garb.

BEA Day 3 wrap-up

Nothing much goes on at the third day of the BookExpo America — it’s generally a chance just to run around and talk to the people you missed the first two days, although most people have already gone back to the office.

We’ll have a full write-up tomorrow both here and at PW, but in the meantime, a couple of photos.

JLo spurns kiss of the Spider-Man

Last night’s American Idol finale — we were RIGHT on the money — included such spectacles as Lady Gaga and 71 year old Tom Jones, but also Reeve Carney, who plays Spider-Man in the cursed Spider-Man musical, singing the song’s big ballad alongside composers Bono and the Edge.

How superheroes protect their junk

NY Mag’s Vulture blog goes where no man had dared: How Vulnerable Are Superheroes’ Crotches? A Vulture Investigation, providing a detailed look at how the Magnuttos have been protected in various superhero films. Some — Night Owl, Thor — keep everything in one iron-clad package, but others — Spider-Man, Green Hornet — just leave the family jewels sitting out there. Tsk tsk tsk.

Fox launches X-Men EXTRA app for iPad

With screenings unfolding around the globe, all the buzz on X-MEN: FIRST CLASS has been great (100% on Rotten Tomatoes), and last night the film had its world premiere in NYC, with Marvel’s own John Lowe doing some red carpet commentary. Releasing studio Fox has just added to the fun with a new iPad app X-Men EXTRA which plays into the whole conspiracy angle of the film, which follows Xavier and Magneto as young allies in the 60s. As you can see the app has some fun with the historical record, ala Boilerplate, imaging Emma Frost standing beside Jackie Kennedy in a fetching go-go booted ensemble. Check out the byline for another in-joke.

Groovy old comics alert: Sexton Blake by Graham Coton

Via Yesterday’s Papers, aging goodness from Knockout.

Tpain and Chris Brown do Scott Pilgrim

Or that’s what SCOTT PILGRIM director Edgar Wright just tweeted:

BEA Day 2: Willingham and Chast

Day 2 of BEA produced more sore feet and shoulders as books were schlepped everywhere. but also books, authors, talks, and even a few comics.

The Beat’s day started with an Author’s Stage interview with Bill Willingham on the subject of his new YA prose novel, Down the Mysterly River. Author’s Stage interviews are kind of like Inside the Actors Studio — they take place on a stage …in front of people…sitting in a chair. No place to hide! They are not meant to engage a sense of comfort in the interviewer! Luckily Bill is such a great raconteur and talker, I had no worries. Publisher Tor has written up the talk:

New Green Lantern trailer goes deep into Lantern lore

A new GREEN LANTERN trailer has been released that should be titled “Green Lantern Lore 101″ for it explains about Oa, and Guardians and rings and …. yellow powers and all that stuff.

As someone who has never been that into Green Lantern, I learned something.

Book news: Is Liberty's B&N bid the beginning of the end?

There was some floor chatter at BEA about Barnes & Noble yesterday — although we all know Borders is not long for this world, some are suggesting that all the book chains are going to be bye-bye within two years. This despite the recent $1 billion purchase bid for Barnes &Noble by John Malone’s Liberty Media. But is Malone’s bid really about brick and mortar stores?