When Memorial Day Becomes Remembrance Day

On Friday, May 25, 1984, in a small town of 1200 people, in a small grocery store on the highway not too far from cornfields, at the golden age of 14, I became a comic book collector.

What set me on this path that has led me >choke< 27 years later to be a comics missionary, spreading the four-color gospel far and wide? Well, I blame Morgan Freeman and Jim Shooter.

BookExpo America 2011: The Graphic Novel Diaspora

Once again, BookExpo America, “the leading North American publishing event” took place at the Javits Center in New York City. Just like various comic cons, attendees and journalists love to analyze the zeitgeists floating around the exhibition hall, while others prefer to ignore the elephants in the room.

So, following in the grand tradition of industry analysts and bloggers (beware the Camel’s nose!), I will give you my opinions at what I experienced this year.

Cryptozoic offer free World of Warcraft GN downloads

Back when they were signing and selling licensed comics, Tokyopop put out some World of Warcraft manga-sized graphic novels. Unlike other material lost in the diaspora of the company (which is officially closing down next week) these comics are still owned by Blizzard, and are being released digitally by Cryptozoic, the newish entertainment company headed up by Cory Jones, formerly of Blizzard, and John Nee, formerly of DC. Two Warcraft GNs and one Starcraft GN are available on Cryptozoic’s app for free for right now.

To do: Marvels and Monsters

With all the talk about comics and racial stereotypes, this show running at NYU sounds like a must see. MARVELS AND MONSTERS looks at images of Asians in comics from the stereotyping of World War II through to the 80s. Curator Jeff Yang has some installation in progress photos on his Facebook Page. Sadly we missed the opening talk and reception last night but it looks to be a very comprehensive show, looking at different stereotypical roles including The Alien, the Kamikaze, the Brute, the Lotus Blossom, the Guru, the Brain, the Temptress, and the Manipulator. How well we know all those. The show runs until August 19th. Deets below:

To do tonight: Cousin Corinne's LIVE COMIX BLOCK

Cousin Corinne’s LIVE COMIX BLOCK launches w/a presentation of Nick Bertozzi’s LEWIS&  CLARK and Jason Little’s MOTEL ART IMPROVEMENT SERVICE, MC’d by Jah Furry aka Jeff Newelt, on Friday, May 27th @7pm at BookCourt, 163 Court street [between Pacific&  Dean], Brooklyn / 718.875.3677. … + Nick Bertozzi will be showing images (first time anywhere) of his upcoming graphic novel JERUSALEM written by Boaz (REMEMBER THE TITANS) Yakin http://nickbertozzi.com/ http://beecomix.com/ http://nickbertozzi.com/ http://beecomix.com/ John Hodgman re LEWIS&  CLARK “Nick Bertozzi’s comics do more than bring history to life: they reanimate these long dead souls and make them human again.