Tpain and Chris Brown do Scott Pilgrim


Or that’s what SCOTT PILGRIM director Edgar Wright just tweeted:

BEA Day 2: Willingham and Chast


Day 2 of BEA produced more sore feet and shoulders as books were schlepped everywhere. but also books, authors, talks, and even a few comics.

The Beat’s day started with an Author’s Stage interview with Bill Willingham on the subject of his new YA prose novel, Down the Mysterly River. Author’s Stage interviews are kind of like Inside the Actors Studio — they take place on a stage …in front of people…sitting in a chair. No place to hide! They are not meant to engage a sense of comfort in the interviewer! Luckily Bill is such a great raconteur and talker, I had no worries. Publisher Tor has written up the talk:

New Green Lantern trailer goes deep into Lantern lore


A new GREEN LANTERN trailer has been released that should be titled “Green Lantern Lore 101″ for it explains about Oa, and Guardians and rings and …. yellow powers and all that stuff.

As someone who has never been that into Green Lantern, I learned something.

Book news: Is Liberty's B&N bid the beginning of the end?


There was some floor chatter at BEA about Barnes & Noble yesterday — although we all know Borders is not long for this world, some are suggesting that all the book chains are going to be bye-bye within two years. This despite the recent $1 billion purchase bid for Barnes &Noble by John Malone’s Liberty Media. But is Malone’s bid really about brick and mortar stores?

Nice art: Kevin Huizenga's The Body of Work


After some time off, what things do is putting out some comics again. Here’s Kevin Huizenga’s comic from the CARTOON POLYMATHS program.