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The secret origin of Jay Didillo as explained by Rob Granito

Famed comic book spoofer Rob Granito to has finally answered some direct questions, and didn’t get paid to do so, which is awesome. . But the origin of such things as Jay Didillo, Granito’s non-existent collaborator on a non-existent DC book, is strangely prosaic:

Jeffrey Catherine Jones: "The fear has left me"

Filmmaker Maria Cabardo has posted a really poignant video of Jeffrey Catherine Jones talking about dying, and her acceptance of it. I know the word poignant is overused, but it truly applies here — the content is sad, but it is also peaceful and in the end comforting.

Studio Coffee Run

-The Norse God continued to bring the hammer down at the North American Box Office for the second weekend in a row, contradicting industry buzz that Thor‘s premiere would herald the comics movie bubble end times (via HitFix) –Not Comics Behold, the first images of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in the movie adaptation of […]

RIP: Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones, the fantasy artist who helped introduce fine art and illustration influences to comics in the ’70s and beyond, has died of complications from emphysema and bronchitis, according to numerous reports. She was 67.

Green Lantern exhibit at Cartoon Art Museum

It’s getting very green around here. SF’s Cartoon Art Museum has a gala opening for a Green Lantern exhibit on Thursday, June 9th — it’s a “green tie” event we’re told. We want in on that!

ELFQUEST to be on iPad/iPhone?

It’s funny how something that has been around forever can still get a blog boost — as we reported yesterday, some 6500 pages of ELFQUEST comics are online, to read, for FREE — but they have been up for more than two years. Our post got Boing Boinged, and Richard Pini, WARP graphics co-everything, wrote in to answer some questions in that thread, especially complaints about the Flash interface (one wag posted a link to the complete Elfquest on a bit torrent site.)

First, thanks for putting this “old news” back in the news.

Kibbles 'n' Bits: Thor puppet, new readers, more Comic-Con secrets


Amazing, Beautiful, Amazing: Who will win American Idol???

This is so not comics, but the Final Three go at it tonight and we’d been saving up some notes. We started watching American Idol a few years ago because we felt the need to pay attention to a least one thing that wasn’t nerdy but instead reflected the more mundane and/or inane side of culture — something universal, just so when we had to hang out with normal people we wouldn’t be entirely defenseless. Plus former judges Simon and Kara talked about music a little and it was interesting. But that was then. This season’s judges, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez excel at nothing but praise, blather and administering something called the “amazing” scale: