Dark Horse joins NetGalley

Just a few weeks ago we were musing about how to get digital comics reviewed, and in our ongoing conversations about this is definitely seems to be the wave of the future. And now Dark Horse has made it official by joining NetGalley, a service that has been automating galley distribution for book publishers for a few years now. Instead of sending out review copies to a kabillion different sites and magazines, publishers can just send them to NetGalley — reviewers sign up for an account and you’re off to the races.

Comic-Con finally gets its Slamdance: TR!CKSTER

For several years, those who feel that the San Diego Comic-Con has lost the comics part of the equation (even though it isn’t true at all ) have been wondering if an alternative event — a “Slamdance*” to CCI:SD’s Sundance — would spring up. And artist/animators Scott Morse and Ted Mathot (who both have Pixar as a day job) are making this “Slamcomic” come true with TR!CKSTER, an alternative venue for comics events that will be open to the public and located right across the tracks from the SD Convention Center.

ABC and Marvel team up for Castle's DERRICK STORM

Did you know that Disney owned Marvel Comics? You do now, as Marvel is putting out a licensed comic from the ABC show Castle, which stars nerdlebrity godhead Nathan Fillion as a mystery writer who also solves crimes. The GN. will not be an adapttaion of the show, however, but a story about Castle’s best-selling character, Derrick Storm.

Tellingly, this will not be a periodical, but a standalone graphic novel, due in September, written by Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Lan Medina and a cover by Carlo Pagulayan.

Weekend movie rewind: Silver Surfer, cat whisperer, Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who, Pirates III, etc.

If you follow our Twitter feed – and who doesn’t! – you know we’re been having lots of computer problems. We’ll share our exciting process when it’s finished, and hopefully successful (for the moment we have to use our travel backup) but it’s already taken up the whole weekend, which, what with FMB being out of town for a (from what we hear) very successful signing at Black Cat Comics in Salt Lake City, we slaved away all weekend with a steady background of whatever happened to be on the TV, giving us a chance to rewind with a fine selection of films from our nerd heritage collection and a few new gems as well.

Indie Month-to-Month Sales: March 2011

IDW’s new Godzilla series grabbed the top spot this month, knocking The Walking Dead from their throne after only one month. Meanwhile Dark Horse released a Dollhouse comic based on the Joss Whedon series of the same name, Dynamite launched a Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris comic with a “Risqué Nude Art” variant cover, and Boom! launched a Hellraiser comic.