FLASHPOINT is DC's latest game changer

DC has released am image (click for larger) to mark the release of FLASHPOINT #1 today. You need to be a bit more versed in DC lore to know how entirely shocking this image is, but there is a monkey, and that’s always good. There are also different versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, and so on. Alternate universe, ho!

What we do know: FLASHPOINT, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Andy Kubert, kicks off tomorrow, featuring the Flash and ushers in a slightly …”Different” world for DC. Which we’ve seen before but you know…it always works for a new generation.

Retailer Larry Doherty of Larry’s Comics in Lowell, Mass, himself no stranger to attention, went on yesterday’s “#comicmarket” retailing discussion to say that FLASHPOINT will be the book of the summer. Selected tweets:


Revealed: Who really got Osama

Click for the larger version. Also notice how they ran out of time on some of the photoshopping.

Via Dave G.


Cartoonist Justiniano charged with possession of child pornography

Some stories you just don’t want to write up.

Connecticut-based cartoonist Josue Rivera, who works under the pen name Justiniano, has been arrested and charged with first degree possession of child pornography after a thumb drive he supplied to a funeral home was found to have images of child porn on it.


Grant Morrison to write ALIENS VS DINOSAURS

Hollywood is a tough place. Grant Morrison may be a god of comics — the most inventive superhero idea smith since Kirby, even — and his new book about superheroes called SUPERGODS just got a starred review in Publishers Weekly. He’s been out in Hollywood for a few years, working on such advanced ideas as […]


Cartoonists go goo-goo for Gaga

NY Magazine recently commissioned a bunch of designers to reimagine the mistress of all the surveys, Lady Gaga, just in time for her new album’s release. While it’s hard to out-weird someone who wears a meat dress and goes to a Mets game in her underwear, several cartoonists gave it a shot, including Ariel Shrag, David Reese, Tim Hensley and Mike Keefe.


Did the Spider-Man musical humble Bono?

A newly family-friendly and sense-making version of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark opens on Broadway tomorrow, and its faithful Boswell, Patrick Healy, has the new storyline for the creators. The new version of of the show, as rejiggered by director Philip William McKinley and writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa includes MORE Green Goblin, MORE Mary Jane, Uncle Ben and Aunt May, FIVE MORE flying sequences, MORE songs, and LESS Arachne.

The experience seems to have been an unusually humbling one for the normally egotistic Bono, who co-wrote the songs and shared the blame when it went far off the rails.


Kupperman's next book to be about Mark Twain

Fan of the curious antics of Michael Kupperman have been enjoying his “Mark Twain meets Einstein” adventures on his blog for a while, but it turns out that it’s turned into a book, Mark Twain’s Autobiography, 1910-2010 which will be published in August from Fantagraphics. The cover hasn’t been released yet but a few preview images have.


Lots of TCAF audio and photos now available

Jamie Coville has his usual massive photo dumb for TCAF, with over 250 photos of all the great people there. That’s organizer Chris Butcher and Usamaru Furuya above.

Coville also recorded several panels and here they are!


Cool images of Thor are all around us!

Thor is all around, no need to fake it.


More '90s comics videos: 1990 retailer roundtable

If you didn’t get enough of ’90s style hairdos in yesterday video epic, via Very Fine / Near Mint, another classic ’90s video of a retailer roundtable on the cable access show The Chronic Rift. Three NYC-area retailers discuss advance reorders and the impending marriage of Superman. Of the stores mentioned, only Hanley’s of Staten Island is still around.


Kibbles 'n' Bits — May 10, 2011

Chester Brown Week! Monkey in the Bra! Howard Stringer’s contrition. Thor! Epic Con! More.