Tonight to do LA: Pop Sequentialism opening at La Luz de Jesus

La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles is having quite an opening show tonight: Pop-Sequentialism: Comic Art of the Modern Age, with original comics art by Steve Dillon, Brendan McCarthy, Frank Quitely and many more. Above, a page of PUNISHER art from the Garth Ennis run by Tim Bradstreet. All the art previewed in the link. Below, a page from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillip’s CRIMINAL.

TCAF unfolds this weekend with stellar lineup

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival kicks off tonight and runs tomorrow and Sunday at the Toronto Reference Library. Admission is free. For that priceless amount you get access to perhaps the greatest pound for pound assemblage of cartoonists in the history of the world. Mattotti! Brown! Seth! Ware! Ono! Brecht Evens! You can see the guest list here, and everyone exhibiting here. Truly stupendous.

Where will YOU be on Free Comic Book Day?

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 7th, 2011! And there are very likely some comics-related festivities happening in your area, or at the very least some free comic books.

There are way too many happenings to cover here. Diamond has a master list of events, including interviews by Darwyn Cooke and Humberto Ramos and the FCBD site has a monster list of signings organized alphabetically by state!

Review: The World of Thorcraft

It’s very obvious that Marvel Studios movies have developed a style and look that’s quite consistent, from the type of villain to the type of love interest to the Stan Lee cameo. On the spectrum of Marvel movies, THOR falls a little bit south of the first IRON MAN in terms of sheer enjoyability, but north of just about everything else.

The good parts of the formula as developed by Avi Arad and perfected by Kevin Feige are just common sense: a reliable, solid director; respected, award-nominated actors in the villain, father figure, troublesome government figure and love interest roles; and a charismatic hero who looks good in a wife-beater. In the typical Marvel movie, science is both the hero’s friend and enemy — he (and it is always a he) uses science to better his own powers, but the forces of evil are always trying to duplicate and better that research, with the resulting showdown between the forces of order and the forces of chaos at about the 1:45 mark.