New X-Men: First Class trailer with more mutations and romance

Why do all the mutants have English accents?

Jennifer Lawrence, hot off her Oscar nod, is steamy as Mystique!

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS opens on June 3rd.

Nice art: Tomer Hanuka's Star Trek poster and more

via Alex Segura, a DVD cover for the great episode where “goatee” and “Evil Spock” became forever synonymous. While we’re at it…here’s Hanuka’s sketches for an illustration in the New Yorker accompanying a review of…SPIDER-MAN TURN OFF THE DARK. AND for added fun, go read “The Dirties” from MEATHAUS by Tomer and brother Asaf.

Read another Eisner nominee for free: Frank Stockton's "Hamburger for One"

The parade of free award-nominated online comics reading continues with Frank Stockton’s “Hamburger for One” which was nominated for an Eisner in the “Best Short Story” category. It’s the almost painful story of an awkward teen boy and his attempts to interact with his world.

Read the whole thing in the link. The original story appeared in POPGUN #4.

Anaheim Comic-Con acting like they have nothing to do with Wizard

Speaking of con wars, this rather odd story from UGO goes on and on about how great this weekend’s Anaheim Comic-Con is going to be, without ever mentioning of the fact that it is part of the Wizard World Tour:

Thwipster aims to be Groupon for nerds

Discount coupon sites are all the rage, with Groupon headed for a $20 billion dollar public offering and Facebook and Google trying to get in on that action. But why should nerds be left out of the fun? The recently-launched Thwipster aims to be the Groupon for nerds, according to founder and CEO Lance Sells, with GNs, action figures, artists sketchbooks, webcomics and more available.

South Park Season 15 premieres tonight

Oh boy!

Con Wars! Hobby Star vs UFC/Reed Pop for "Fan Expo"

Just when things looked all lovey dovey on the convention front, Kiel Phegley reports that Canadian convention organizer Hobby Star has filed a lawsuit against Reed Pop and Zuffa LLC, owner of the UFC over the use of the term “Fan Expo,” which Hobby Star claims to have trademarked. Reed and the UFC, the hugely popular mixed martial arts organization, have been putting on a series of “UFC Fan Expo” events in conjunction with their fight shows. However, Hobby Star puts on the Fan Expo Canada every year, generally considered the third biggest comic-con-type show in North America. The suit probably only covers the Canadian use of the term Fan Expo, however:

Eisner reading: I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER now online

Read all of Shannon Wheeler’s I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER online right now.


It’s Image’s answer to STRANGE TALES or BIZARRO COMICS — an indie comics take on one of their best known characters. We’re talking about TWISTED SAVAGE DRAGON FUNNIES, a back-up feature in the long-running regular series, edited by Michel Fiffe and featuring the best talents in today’s alt.comix world taking on Erik Larsen’s green and strong super-cop. A collection of these tales is due this July, an oversized 144-page book with contributions by everyone from Benjamin Marra to Kris Mukai

First look at where the movie Avengers will plant their butts

Marvel has released the first still from the just commenced AVENGERS movie, and it’s all about the sitting down. Director Joss Whedon and crew went into production yesterday in Albuquerque for the movie you may have always dreamed would happen.

ALA conference launches Artists Alley for comics

Librarians love cartoonists who create books that people of all ages want to actually check out of the library. And cartoonists love librarians who buy their books and shelve them in high traffic GN sections.

This great love affair for our times is going even further at this year’s American Library Association conference in New Orleans — organizers are making space available for an Artist Alley for the first time.

Nice art: Dave McKean's Celluloid

The just arrived issue of PW Comics Week has a nice preview of Celluloid, Dave McKean’s first graphic novel since Cages. You’d think an undertaking of this sort might have gotten a little but more hoopla. Perhaps when people start looking at the art, it will

Celluloid is described as a “pornographic work of art” about a man, a woman and a porn film that all intersect. It’s out from from Fantagraphics next month.

Marvel releases "Not a dry eye in the house" variant for DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN

Normally we don’t run more than one Marvel PR in a day — and they send out about 38 each and every day — but when we saw that Joe Quesada had done a variant billed as the “No dry eye in the house” variant for The Death of Spider-Man storyline just now wrapping up in ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN…well…we had to share. Because we like everyone to blubber in the afternoon. It’s good for you.

Nice art: David Aja's RED SKULL covers

This July, Marvel is serving up a RED SKULL miniseries starring the villain in the Cap movie, written by Greg Pak with art by Mirko Colak. David Aja has provided some tasty covers, influenced by WWII imagery from propaganda posters and the like.

B&N radically increasing comics periodicals offerings in June

It looks like bookstores are getting so eager for new product categories that they are actually going back to the periodical market. Barnes & Noble, the still-standing book chain, is adding comics racks to its product mix, apparently in advance of this summer’s comic book movie heavy slate. Bleeding Cool has an internal memo on the matter:

Remember when they said you couldn't take your computer into the toilet?

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